‘Survivor’ 35 episode 3 predictions: Alan Ball, Joe Mena, Lauren Rimmer are each at the bottom of their tribes

Despite being one of the two most likely to go home on last week’s “Survivor,” Lauren Rimmer, the 35-year-old fisherman of the Hustlers tribe, received no votes for elimination at tribal council. Instead, her tribe chose brawn over loyalty in their decision to oust Simone Nguyen over Patrick Bolton. But Lauren isn’t completely out of hot water with her tribe because this week the simmering conflict between Lauren and Patrick could boil over and give the Hustlers cause to send her home next. Does Lauren need the Hustlers to win immunity in order to stay? And if they do, are the drama-prone Alan Ball of the Heroes and Joe Mena of the Healers set to go instead? Read below for our rundown of the current odds in our weekly contest for episode 3, “My Kisses Are Very Private.”

So far, the Healers have dominated the game, winning all three challenges outright so far and keeping their original six players safe from elimination. Right now we’re predicting with 8/11 odds that they’ll win immunity again, but if they falter it’s anyone’s guess which of the six is at the bottom of their totem pole. Odds say that Joe could be that guy despite the fact that he found a hidden immunity idol last week. In the unlikely event that his tribe goes to the vote, we’re giving him 7/1 odds of being sent home. In order for that to happen, Cole Medders will have to get Joe to trust him enough to not use his idol and then use the rest of the tribe to blindside him.

As fun as it would be to watch a player go home this early with an idol in his pocket, odds are Joe’s tribe will remain safe. At the Heroes beach, the alliance established last week between Ben Driebergen and Chrissy Hofbeck will have to decide between pairing up with the JP Hilsabeck and Ashley Nolan duo or using Alan to vote one of the showmancers out. Right now we say Alan is most in danger with 14/5 odds of elimination, but Ashley is in the line of fire as well with 10/1 odds of elimination. Ben and Chrissy will be smart to keep JP around for his strength in upcoming challenges.

The best way for both Alan and Joe to stay safe this week is to ensure that the Hustlers tribe loses the immunity challenge for the second straight week. In that scenario, Patrick is positioned to be a target once again, but will go head-to-head against Lauren for his tribe’s favor. Last week we saw the beginning of conflicting personalities between the two and in the event that they flare up at camp, the other three tribe members will be forced to choose one of over the other if for no other reason than to maintain peace. We have Lauren with leading odds of 6/5 that the Hustlers will send her home before Patrick in another attempt to maintain as much physical strength as possible.

If the Hustlers lose another member they’ll be at a significant numbers disadvantage heading into a tribal switch that in the past has arrived around this time. But that hasn’t stopped users from switching their predictions to Ryan Ulrich as the most likely to win the season. He rises to the top of that race this week with 21/10 odds above Cole (4/1 odds) who led in the first two weeks. Ryan is in a tight alliance with Devon Pinto and agreed on a voting decision with Ali Elliott who also jumps this week, arriving as our third mostly likely pick to win with 6/1 odds. The Heroes best positioned for the win are Chrissy (14/1 odds) and Ben (20/1 odds) in 4th and 5th, respectively.

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