‘Survivor’ 35 episode 3 recap: Which castaway was given kiss of death in ‘My Kisses Are Very Private’? [UPDATING LIVE]

We’re two weeks into the 35th season of “Survivor” and it looks like the tribes are choosing challenge strength over vows of loyalty when it comes to deciding whom to eliminate. Last week the Hustlers voted out the fiercely loyal Simone Nguyen despite Patrick Bolton‘s admission that he didn’t trust everyone on the tribe. Prior to that, in the season premiere, the Heroes kept Alan Ball over Katrina Radke even though Alan had already turned against two alliance members he pledged to work with. Meanwhile, the Healers have dominated at challenges, keeping their original tribe of six fully in tact and avoiding the personality conflicts that plague the others.

Which tribes will win safety this week and who was given the kiss of death by the losing tribe? Below, check out our minute-by-minute “Survivor” recap of Season 35, Episode 3, titled “My Kisses Are Very Private.” Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your early favorites and who you think can go the distance to win the $1 million cash prize and title of “sole survivor.” Keep refreshing/reloading this page as we’ll be updating live.

7:59 p.m. – Survivors ready? It’s our favorite hour of the week! Time for a new episode of the greatest reality TV show in television history. Who do you think utters the line for this week’s episode title, “My Kisses Are Very Private?” We can all agree that it’s probably one of the four players involved in a showmance (Cole Medders, Jessica Johnston, Ashley Nolan or JP Hilsabeck) which could suggest that one of the couples is in danger of being split up.

8:02 p.m. – OMG, Ryan Ulrich is already wearing Simone’s clothes after voting her out. That’s savage. Afterward, he touches base with Patrick to confirm that they both like and trust Ali Elliott so they’re thinking Lauren Rimmer is the next to go. Meanwhile, Ali and Lauren discuss with Devon Pinto how Patrick said he doesn’t trust “everyone” in their tribe at the previous night’s council. You can tell Ali wants to work with Patrick, but she’s frustrated by his loose lips.

8:08 p.m. – At the Heroes camp, Ben Driebergen and Chrissy Hofbeck know they’re in the power position between JP/Ashley and Alan. Surprisingly though, Ben tells us in a confessional that Ashley is the one he wants to stay the most because she’s fun and a hard worker, which leaves JP and Alan as the options to go home if they are back at tribal council tonight.

8:10 p.m. – Ashley is getting more attracted to JP by the day, mostly because of his fish-catching skills, but she’s afraid to talk to JP because of the attention Alan brought to their budding showmance on the first night. Ashley is pulling hard for JP to Ben, who catches on and makes Ben trust her less than he had before.

8:12 p.m. – Showmances are the topic of the day at Healers, too, because the Cole and Jessica relationship is on Joe Mena‘s radar. Joe is also concerned about Cole knowing that he has the hidden idol and whether that’s a threat to his game.

8:14 p.m. – In confessionals, both Cole and Jessica admit to having feelings for the other, opening them both up to the possibility of working with the other in an alliance. With that in mind, Cole tells Jessica that Joe has the idol which makes Jessica feel both comforted in her trust with Cole and more powerful knowing Joe’s secret.

8:19 p.m. – At Hustlers, Ryan notices Patrick walk out of camp and then clearly begin to look for the hidden idol. I’m not sure if Patrick is aware (or even cares!) that the rest of the tribe is aware of what he’s doing. Ryan certainly notices and makes sure that everyone else does, too. Ali, still looking out for Patrick, tells him to calm down and to stop making it look like he’s so worried with his position that he needs an idol in the first place.

8:22 p.m. – Food is becoming a point of contention for the Healers and Joe is at the center of the controversy. Apparently, he’s complaining about the way food is being cooked and, knowing that food is scarce, when he doesn’t like it he tosses it out instead of offering it to someone else. Joe’s complaining prompts Cole to word-vomit to Roark Luskin and Desi Williams that Joe has the hidden idol and suggests to her and Jessica that the three of them blindside Joe at their tribal. Jessica is upset at Cole for not discussing the plan to tell the other girls with her first, but Roark and Desi seem to be on board with the idea. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out if they lose immunity.

8:29 p.m. – Challenge time! The tribes will be racing through an obstacle course and then use sandbags to knock over a wall of blocks which will then be used to stack in a tower. First tribe to finish wins immunity and reward. Reward to the first finishers is three chickens and for the second finishers a basket of eggs. With one extra member, the Healers decide to sit out Mike Zahalsky.

8:32 p.m. – Heroes are the first tribe to the sandbags, but the other two are right behind them. Cole knocks down a bulk of the blocks for the Healers and Joe comes in to finish off their wall to complete that stage first. Shortly after, JP knocks down the last block for Heroes while Patrick becomes a sandbag hog for the Hustlers, refusing to let anyone throw despite his struggling to get it done.

8:34 p.m. – Healers assemble their tower quickly and thinking they’re done begin to celebrate, but Jeff Probst points out that they’re missing a block. That creates a gap for the Heroes to come through for the first place win. But in the end their lead was too big for the Hustlers to overcome and the Healers returned to their mat to complete their tower to take second place. That means the Hustlers will return to tribal council and vote a second member out. Looks like it’ll be another decision between the physically strong (Patrick) and the loyal (Lauren).

8:38 pm. – It’s commercial break, but I missed who said “My Kisses Are Private!” It must have been Jessica, right? When she was confessing to being a virgin and blushing around Cole?

8:40 p.m. – Back at camp, Patrick takes blame for the loss and admits that he should have let someone else throw the bags. Lauren is pissed (she wanted to be the one to step in) and storms out which opens the door for Patrick to confirm with Devon, Ali and Ryan that they’ll be voting Lauren out.

8:42 p.m. – Oddly, Patrick takes it upon himself to join Lauren in the water to make her feel comfortable. He tries to tell her that she isn’t the one on the chopping block, but Lauren sees right through him (and even tells him she does!) when he refuses to tell her who he’s voting out instead.

8:44 p.m. – Lauren begins working her own game by speaking to Ali first and Ryan second about how she’s more valuable to the tribe than Patrick is. Ryan and Devon feel like they’re in the driver’s seat and can decide who stays between Lauren and Patrick. Devon’s argument is that Lauren will be more loyal at the merge, but Ryan is more concerned with getting to the merge and thinks they might need Patrick in order to do that. Why aren’t they even considering the likelihood that there will be a tribal switch soon?

8:46 p.m. – At tribal, Lauren goes right in on Patrick, placing all the blame for losing on the challenge on his shoulders. Her argument is that the challenges are not for one person to win or lose on their own and that if you’re not succeeding you should bow out and let someone else on the team try. Ali defends Patrick and urges the tribe to not dwell on the challenge and look ahead. Ali is working really hard for Patrick.

8:48 p.m. – Now Lauren is throwing Patrick under the bus again for his idol searching earlier, reinforcing that he can’t be trusted. On top of that she points out how he was blatantly lying to her and that she’s “never trusted a redhead” before! LOL.

8:50 p.m. – Ryan argues that this vote should be based on how the four that are left will come together to have a chance against the other two tribes when time for the merge comes. Patrick speaks honestly that he thinks he’s a good social player, but Ali and Lauren respond by pointing out that perhaps he’s not as easy to get along with as he thinks.

8:52 p.m. – Time to vote. Lauren votes Patrick. Patrick votes Lauren. Let’s see how the others go.

8:53 p.m. – Jeff reads the votes: Patrick. Lauren. Patrick. Patrick. That’s 3 and that’s enough to send him home. The look on his face is… blindside! He goes out by saying, “Man, you guys are awful.” Ali looks to Lauren and chuckles–these two could be a really fierce alliance of two!

8:57 p.m. – In the previews for next week’s episode it’s a tribal switch! Drop your buffs, castaways. Yes! I love a shake up. See you next week!

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