‘Survivor’ 35 fans: We want Ali Elliott to return to the show! [POLL RESULTS]

Of the seven castaways who’ve already been eliminated from “Survivor” 35 — Jessica JohnstonAli Elliott, Roark Luskin, Alan Ball, Patrick Bolton, Simone Nguyen and Katrina Radke — the majority of fans want Ali to return to CBS’s reality TV show. In all, a whopping 54% of fans voted in our recent “Survivor” poll that they miss Ali the most. Ali’s closest competitor in our poll was Roark with 24%, followed by Jessica with 13%. Do you agree with your fellow “Survivor” fans that Ali should get a second chance? Sound off down in the comments section.

The seven eliminated castoffs range from those you loved to those you’ve already forgotten about. But we have a feeling Ali will be remembered for seasons to come, thanks in part to the way in which she was ousted. Her closest ally in the game, Ryan Ulrich, decided to betray her pre-merge by voting to eliminate her and siding with former tribe rivals Chrissy Hofbeck and JP Hilsabeck. Ali was so upset that she called him a “little twerp” in her confessional.

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In Ali’s podcast interview with Gold Derby, she addressed Ryan’s controversial move to betray her at tribal council. “I know he did what he thought was best for his game and I can respect him for that,” Ali said. As for being voted out just prior to the merge, she explained, “Yeah it sucks not making the merge but I was still very happy with how I played and how far I went and with the whole thing in general.”

Ali also addressed Chrissy’s relationship with Ryan, telling us, “A lot of people keep saying Chrissy is playing this great game, but I feel like a lot of what’s happened even within the Soko tribe, it’s solely to do with Ryan. Ryan is the one who picked Chrissy to receive the Super Idol, Ryan’s the one who told Chrissy, ‘I’m the one who gave it to you’ and then Ryan’s also the one who voted out Roark. So a lot of everything that happened on Soko and a lot of the love that has been given to Ryan and Chrissy has to do with Ryan.”

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