‘Survivor’ 35 finale spotlight: Is Ben Driebergen two immunity challenges away from becoming a millionaire?

Wednesday night the 35th season of “Survivor” comes to an end with the final five fighting for immunity, a mysterious final advantage in the game and the chance to sit in front of the jury and argue their case to take home the $1 million prize and title of “sole Survivor.” No one’s seat is hotter right now than Ben Driebergen‘s. In the last two weeks he dramatically used two hidden immunity idols to save himself from elimination from a group of players that he had once considered his allies. With hidden immunity idols done in the game (hopefully!) and the other four finalists not wanting to go against him in the end, Ben will likely need to win back-to-back immunity challenges in order to secure his spot in the final three.

Below I take a look at Ben’s current odds in our finale predictions event and provide a quick analysis of what it’ll take for Ben to win. Do you think he can do it? Sound off in the comments!

Of all the finalists, Ben perhaps the strongest edit throughout the season. From the very beginning we got glimpses into his life outside of the game (as a veteran, a father, a husband, etc.) that helped shape him as a player for the audience to root for. As a member of the Heroes tribe, Ben’s story made sense and he quickly became one of our early frontrunner predictions to win. Now, he’s also one of the players’ own predictions to win and that’s why they’re all set on getting him out sooner rather than later. In fact, two weeks ago they all voted him out, but his hidden idol saved him and then he found another one to deter receiving votes a second time. It would be shocking to see the players not unify against him if he fails to win one of the two upcoming immunity challenges before the final three.

Right now, Ben is leading our predictions to be ousted in 5th place, topping that chart with 11/8 odds. That being said, there is still a fair amount of odds-makers predicting him to win, coming in with the third best odds in that chart at 14/5. Ahead of him in the odds for both the first and second place charts are Chrissy Hofbeck and Devon Pinto, making them his stiffest competition. Chrissy is also Ben’s biggest competition in terms of winning the immunity challenges. Of the seven individual immunity challenges so far this season, women have won six of them and Chrissy was two of those. So, needless to say, while Ben has had the strongest portrayal this season he also has the toughest shot of actually living up to the hype.

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