‘Survivor’ outrage: Chrissy Hofbeck was NOT robbed of $1 million, Ben Driebergen won ‘fair and square’ [POLL RESULTS]

Survivor” fans were in an uproar following Wednesday’s Season 35 finale, when the show decided to throw in a game-changing secret advantage at the last minute. Immunity competition winner Chrissy Hofbeck got to choose one person to take with her to the Final 3 (she chose Ryan Ulrich), which meant that the other two castaways (Ben Driebergen and Devon Pinto) had to compete in a fire-making challenge. After Ben won the challenge, he was allowed to advance to the Final 3 where he ended up winning the game.

If Chrissy had been in the Final 3 with Ryan and Devon, she likely would have won in a landslide. Chrissy’s physical dominance impressed everyone on the jury, as she scored a whopping four immunity victories, compared to zero for both Ryan and Devon. Was Chrissy robbed of the $1 million prize, or was Ben the rightful winner? Here are the results of our recent “Survivor” poll:

Of the thousands of “Survivor” fans who voted in our poll, 50% said that “Ben won fair and square.”

Meanwhile, 42% of outraged viewers said that Chrissy was robbed and that “She totally would have won.”

The remaining 8% of people couldn’t decide, opting for the “It’s really hard to say” option.

Below, see many of the colorful responses from fans on both sides of the controversy. Then be sure to give us YOUR thoughts down in the comments section.

Kean: “The surprise twist washed the game of any sort of integrity. If format change was pre-determined at the start of the game, the players deserved to know about it so that they could strategically maneuver around it.”

Fabio: “What kind of an advantage allows a second chance to the fourth place person. That twist is completely wrong and I will never watch survivor again.”

Sandra Vargas: “She was NOT robbed of anything!!! Survivor is always changing and I have watched every season!! There are always changes and twists and turns!! If she has watched it all these years she would know that.”

Cynthia: “The finale ended exactly the way it should have. Jeff Probst announced the twist after tribal counsel and no one knew who was going to win. Ben definitely deserved this win!”

Summer: “She was indeed robbed. Yes, they announced there would be a twist, however, didn’t specify what it was until Ben lost. The fire making challenge was DEFINITELY to his advantage.”

Kim: “That’s ‘Survivor’ — always a game changer and why the show has survived with great ratings all these years.”

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