‘Survivor’ 35 finale controversy: 48% of fans say the fire-making challenge twist ‘ruined the show’ [POLL RESULTS]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, you’re aware of the “Survivor” 35 finale controversy that’s rocking the fandom. Because of a last-minute fire-making challenge twistBen Driebergen was able to avoid being voted out by Chrissy HofbeckRyan Ulrich and Devon Pinto. Ben’s fire-making skills were better than Devon’s, so Ben made it to the Final 3 and then won the $1 million check in a 5-2-1 vote over Chrissy and Ben.

Following the Season 35 finale, we ran a poll asking what YOU thought of the “Survivor” controversy. Of the thousands of fans who voted, 48% declared that the fire-making challenge twist “ruined the show” for them, while 45% thought it was a “great twist.” The other 7% didn’t care either way.

Host Jeff Probst announced during the live “Survivor” 35 finale that the fire-making twist is here to stay, saying, “In case you’re wondering, that Final 4 twist is not a one-off, that is a part of the show. So you can expect to see it again next season.” Scroll down to see fan reaction to the twist — both positive and negative — and then sound off in the comments section with your reaction.

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Rissa: “I thought it was great, and I’m sad that a lot of people around various parts of the web are so furious about it. I think we’ll have a better idea when we see it again since Jeff says it’s coming back.”

N.W.: “The secret advantage twist was introduced to give Ben a seat in the final. I was so pissed that CBS fixed the outcome by giving him every opportunity to survive.”

Anthony D Freelump: “They did everything they could this year to keep Ben in this game. I call bullshit on that last twist!”

Rosey: “Loved it. I really wanted Ben to win, and with the twist he had a fighting chance.”

Vickie & Bob: “I thought it was great. Gave a person who had no chance to go further because they were afraid of the vote to go further so it was the jury’s choice not theirs who would win!”

Laila Graham: “The fire-making challenge was a great twist. The only aspect that bugged me was that it was framed as an “information advantage” for Chrissy, which was not entirely accurate.”

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