‘Survivor’ 35 finale controversy: What did YOU think of the fire-making challenge twist? [POLL]

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers” is a thing of the past (read our recap here), with Marine Ben Driebergen joining the exclusive list of “Survivor” winners. However, one aspect of the Season 35 finale is causing a bit of controversy among “Survivor” fans: the fire-making challenge twist. This is the first time in “Survivor” history that the Final 4 did not vote anyone out, but instead let a fire-making challenge determine who came in fourth place. What do you think of the twist? Let your voice be heard by voting in our poll below.

Just prior to the final immunity competition, host Jeff Probst revealed that the challenge champ would be given a secret advantage. Chrissy Hofbeck won the challenge — her fourth overall, tying her for the record — and soon discovered that she got to pick one person to go to the end with. She chose Ryan Ulrich, which meant that other two castaways, Ben and Devon Pinto, had to compete in a fire challenge to determine who would join them in the Final 3. Ben won the fire challenge, and so Devon was eliminated in fourth place.

In the past, fire-making challenges were only utilized in the event of a tie at the Final 4. But that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. “In case you’re wondering, that Final 4 twist is not a one-off, that is a part of the show,” Probst explained in front of the live “Survivor” 35 audience. “So you can expect to see it again next season.”

What do you think, “Survivor” fans? Are you happy that the fire-making twist is sticking around for the time being, or do you think the challenge ruins the show by taking away the drama of the final vote?

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