[PHOTOS] ‘Survivor’ deaths: Gold Derby remembers the 4 players we’ve lost over the years

As huge fans of “Survivor,” it would be remiss of the Gold Derby team to not provide our condolences to the friends and family of the four players that have passed away. Shortly before the new year, Dan Kay of “Survivor: Gabon” passed away at the age of 40. The other castaways we’ve lost are Jenn Lyon of “Survivor: Palau,” B.B. Andersen of “Survivor: Borneo” and Caleb Bankston of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.” To honor their memories, click through our photo gallery above that highlights all of the “Survivor” castaways we’ve lost through the years.

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Dan finished in 11th place on the 17th season of “Survivor,” shortly before the merge and one shy of making the jury. His downfall in the Gabon season was tied to a tribal switch and a double tribal council that left him without safety on a tribe made up of a majority of people from the opposite original tribe.

As the fiance of “Survivor: One World” contestant Colton Cumbie, Caleb competed in the show’s first “Blood vs. Water” season featuring players with ties to one another. Caleb made it much farther than Colton, who quit in the third episode, placing eighth. On the show the couple was noteworthy for their polar opposite demeanors, with Caleb being the less dramatic of the two.

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B.B. was the second player eliminated from the breakout first season of “Survivor.” At the age of 64, he was the second oldest player in Borneo, but also one of the most abrasive. One of the contributing factors to his elimination was saying that he wouldn’t mind if he was voted out, making him an easy first pick for his tribe.

Jenn finished fourth place on the 10th season in the show’s first fire-making tiebreaker. She and eventual champion Tom Westman voted for Ian Rosenberger while Ian and Katie Gallagher voted for Jenn. In the tiebreaker, Ian was first to build a successful fire and Jenn was eliminated.

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