‘Survivor: Game Changers’ episode 4 recap: ‘The Tables Have Turned’ leaves Jeff Probst ‘speechless’

Were you left speechless by the tribal council on Wednesday’s “Survivor: Game Changers”? Longtime host Jeff Probst sure was, and for good reason. What started out as a simple twist — two tribes go to tribal council but only one person is eliminated — turned into an amazing moment in “Survivor” history when the 11 participants started whispering and huddling into groups live in front of everyone. How did it all play out? Read our Season 34, Episode 4 recap below and then update your “Survivor” predictions in our weekly event.

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In the season’s first official reward challenge, Troyzan Robertson ended up losing for his Tavua tribe when he failed to knock over pins with his beanbags. But Ozzy Lusth didn’t mind losing, as it allowed him the chance to provide for his tribe in the terms of fish and even a stingray. Troyzan also wasn’t too worried about how his poor performance would be perceived, as he still had a hidden idol in his pocket.

At the immunity challenge, Probst revealed the twist to the tribes that whichever team prevailed would be the only safe tribe for the night. In the classic blindfold challenge that ended with a ball maze, Andrea Boehlke helped Tavua claim victory, thereby sending both Nuku and Mana to tribal council. Before night fell, Tai Trang found a hidden immunity idol, which helped his Mana tribe feel secure even though they were outnumbered 5-6.

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Mana wanted to vote out either Malcolm Freberg (for his strength) or Sandra Diaz-Twine (for her cunning), and they hoped that former ally J.T. Thomas would join them. The only problem: J.T. was now a loyal member of the Nuku tribe and that group of six had agreed to vote together to oust either Brad Culpepper or Sierra Thomas on Mana. Now, this is where things got tricky at tribal council.

J.T. whispered in Brad’s ear that they were voting out Sierra, so then Hali Ford ran over and told Sandra that she wanted to get out Brad. As different factions of groups starting pulling each other aside, Probst looked on in amazement and declared, “Now I’m the one who’s speechless.” After all 11 players finally voted, Tai revealed his idol and said that he wanted to use it to save Sierra. That negated all six of the votes cast against Sierra, thereby sending home an emotional Malcolm.

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