‘Survivor’ records: Which 14 castaways spent the most time on island? Ozzy Lusth, Cirie Fields …

After nearly two decades and 34 seasons, who are the 14 “Survivor” castaways that have played the most days? You may be surprised! Click through our “Survivor” photo gallery above that details all of the show’s longest-running castaways from the Emmy-winning CBS reality TV show.

As we reported earlier this month, Ozzy Lusth is the current record-holder for playing the most days at 128. “It’s nice to have records and all, but it would have been nicer to have the record of being number one!” joked Ozzy during his exit interview with Gold Derby back on April 20. “Survivor: Game Changers” was Ozzy’s fourth time on the show after being the runner-up in “Cook Islands” (Season 13), placing ninth in “Micronesia” (Season 16) and coming in fourth in “South Pacific” (Season 23).

The previous castaway to play the most days was “Boston” Rob Mariano, whose four seasons added up to a total of 117 days. However, in the last few weeks someone else has surpassed Rob’s numbers to claim the #2 position on the list: Cirie Fields. With 120 days and counting, Cirie has a real shot at winning “Survivor: Game Changers,” according to Gold Derby’s racetrack odds. Like Ozzy and Rob, this is Cirie’s fourth time playing the game. She has never made it to the final tribal council.

Two other contestants from “Survivor: Game Changers” make the all-time list: Andrea Boehlke, who was voted out on Wednesday with 103 days played, and Sandra-Diaz Twine, the show’s only two-time champion whose grand total is now 94 days. Both ladies have played three seasons apiece.

Of the 14 “Survivor” record-holders, only five are former winners: Rob, Sandra, Parvati Shallow (114 days), Tina Wesson (83 days) and Tyson Apostol (81 days). If Cirie pulls off a victory for Season 34, she will join this esteemed group of returning veterans. See the complete “Survivor” winners list.

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