‘Survivor’ seasons ranked: Top 12 from worst to best — Can you guess what’s #1?

As all “Survivor” fans know, the series’ 35th season kicked off last month with the theme of “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers.” Two castaways have already been eliminated — Katrina Radke and Simone Nguyen — leaving 16 players still in the running for the $1 million prize. Is the current season of CBS’s long-running reality TV program good enough to be added into the Golden Dozen of Best “Survivor” Seasons ever? Check out our ranking of the Top 12 seasons above — can you guess what’s #1?

“Heroes” refers to those who are called upon to display courage in their profession, such as police or paramedics. “Healers” are not just to those in the medical profession but anyone who brings back others to spiritual or mental health. And “Hustlers” (which does not mean hookers) is a term describing those who have to scramble every day to please their clients or the public in general.

The first episode began promisingly with the tribe theme falling by the wayside as big personalities began to emerge. Many players fell into the familiar “Survivor” first-day traps, such as the physically strongest members of the tribe forming an alliance in hopes of steamrolling the rest of the tribe — believe me, that never works. But there seems to be a few quirky people on the side whom I suspect will become the true players in this game.

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