Hey, ‘Survivor’ fans: Do you want to see an all-winners season? [POLL]

Survivor” Season 35 premieres September 27 on CBS and pits three tribes — Heroes, Healers and Hustlers — against each other based on their dominant threats. (Watch the preview trailer here.) The winner of this 35th season will actually be the 34th overall champ because Sandra Diaz-Twine took home two titles thanks to “Survivor: Pearl Islands” (Season 8) and “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” (Season 20). Many of the reality TV show’s former winners have come back to play again, which begs the question: Do you want to see an all-winners season of “Survivor”? Vote in our poll below.

The very first winner who helped create the idea of an alliance was Richard Hatch in “Survivor: Borneo” (Season 1). Without his savvy game play and his way of treating the other players like chess pieces, “Survivor” may have never become the adept game that it is today. Hatch returned only once, in “Survivor: All Stars” (Season 8), but fans have been clamoring to see him come back again ever since. Perhaps Hatch is waiting for an all-winners season?

The most recent champion was Sarah Lacina. This police officer only made it halfway through her first season, but she returned in “Survivor: Game Changers” (Season 35) and completed dominated the social and physical aspects of the game. (Watch our live exit interview with Lacina.) How fun would it be to see Lacina going head to head against Hatch? Would they clash or would they bond?

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Four-time Emmy-winning host Jeff Probst is back to emcee “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers” this September. Who is your favorite “Survivor” winner of all time? Scroll through the “Survivor” winners list below the poll and then sound off down in the comments section.

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