‘The Amazing Race’ episodes 9 & 10 trailers: ‘I Thought We Were Playing It Nice’ & ‘Riding a Bike Is Like Riding a Bike’ ends with final four [WATCH]

By the end of the back-to-back episodes of “The Amazing Race” this week, we will know the final four teams competing for the million dollar prize. Leg 9, “I Thought We Were Playing It Nice” sees the teams travel from Greece to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. And Leg 10, “Riding a Bike Is Like Riding a Bike,” keeps them in Vietnam, but this time in the small city of Ninh Binh. Take a look at the trailer above and then read our recap of last week’s episode. If you haven’t already, be sure to make your predictions as to what team will win the “Race.”

After the previous week’s non-elimination leg of “The Amazing Race,” last week’s installment, “Good Job, Donkey,” had an unprecedented third Double U-Turn. While the editing tried to ratchet up the suspense as the teams raced around Greece, the inter-cut interviews gave away the ending.

The teams arrived in Greece all on the same ferry but soon got separated as they made their way 100 miles to a mountain village. Tara and Joey, Matt and Redmond, and Brooke and Scott arrive first. The latter decided to U-Turn Liz and Michael, who were already under the added burden of a Speed Bump due to their last place finish on the previous leg. Joey and Tara opted to U-Turn Becca and Floyd to give Liz and Michael a fighting chance.

A wedding-themed Detour requires teams to get gifts:

For the Bride: Teams have to navigate the alleys of the village to deliver two urns of milk in exchange for cheese; or

For the Groom: Teams have to race up 200 plus stairs and collect a pair of goats.

All of these teams, plus Logan and London, choose to go in search of gifts for the bride.

Tara and Joey are the first to finish and get the clue that sends them to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens where they take a victory lap before being told of the Roadblock, which requires one of them to mirror a solider’s intricate steps. Brooke and Scott get there second to the stadium but are soon passed by Matt and Redmond.

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Back in the village, both U-Turned teams struggle with each side of the Detour. When they finally finish, it is a race to Athens.

Tara, Brooke and Matt each need two turns to perfect the changing of the guard routine. Tara and Joey are the first to reach the Pit Stop in the shadow of the Acropolis. They win $7,500 each for the efforts. Matt and Redmond once again pass Brooke and Scott to finish second. London and Logan are thrilled to be fourth.

With Liz and Michael slowed down by the Speed Bump, which requires the team to make meat kebabs, Becca and Floyd fly past them. Even though they stumble at the Roadblock, they reach the Pit Stop ahead of Liz and Michael to avoid elimination.

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