‘The Amazing Race’: Did your favorite team win Season 29?

The Amazing Race” ended Thursday (June 1) with the final three teams racing around Chicago. The editing tried to ratchet up the suspense but the inter-cut interviews gave away the ending, which saw Brooke and Scott pull off a victory over two rival teams, Tara and Joey and London and Logan.

This win was a foregone conclusion from the time the three teams arrived in the Windy City on the same flight from Seoul, Korea. Scott is a super fan of the show and knew that he and Brooke could leave their bags behind at the airport. That gave them the edge throughout this leg.

They were the first to reach Chicago Speedway and complete the Roadblock: Brooke changed a tire while Scott raced around the track. Although he took three tries, they still got out of there ahead of Tara, who also took three attempts, and Joey. In turn, the oldest team in the race were finished before London and Logan.

At each successive challenge, Brooke and Scott were first to arrive and first to finish, leaving little doubt as to their eventual victory. They solved the three riddles and got directed to City Hall. In turn, they were first to Wrigley Field and quickly worked their way through the final challenge of filling in the scoreboard with their arrival order at each leg.

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