‘The Amazing Race’ episode 12 preview: ‘We’re Going to Victory Lane’ ends with nail-biting race to finish line [WATCH]

The Amazing Race” finale, “We’re Going to Victory Lane,” is this Thursday (June 1). The final three teams travel from the capital of South Korea, Seoul, to Chicago. Take a look at the trailer above, which sees them completing one of their final challenges in Wrigley Field, and then read our recap of last week’s episode. If you haven’t already, be sure to make your predictions as to what team will win the “Race.”

In Leg 11, “‘As Easy As Stacking Cups,” the editing tried to ratchet up the suspense but the inter-cut interviews gave away the ending. All four teams end up on the same flight from Hanoi, Vietnam to Seoul. Three of them — Brooke and Scott, London and Logan, and Tara and Joey — chose to travel into the city by taxi. The fourth, Matt and Redmond, opted for the train as they had been told this was faster. It may have been but they missed a connection and that proved to be the first of their mistakes.

The first Road Block requires one of each team to complete a complicated cup stacking routine in less than 7 seconds. Brooke finishes first, followed quickly by Joey and then London. All three exit the gym before Matt and Redmond have even arrived as their cab driver took them to the wrong university at first.

At the next Road Block, the teams have to prepare the traditional Korean dish of kimchi. While each pairing has to re-do several of their six cabbage leaves, they all finish fairly quickly and again are out the door before Matt and Redmond arrive.

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All three of the leading teams arrive within minutes of each other at the final Road Block, which requires the contestant who did not do the stacking to compete against a video game champ in a fight to the death. Scott is first to finish followed soon thereafter by Logan. Brooke and Scott make it to the mat in first, just ahead of London and Logan.

Back in the arena, Tara is still struggling, even with her opponent blindf0lded. Matt and Redmond arrive at last and Matt takes a seat. He looks like he may well win before Tara does but she finally prevails. She and Joey are the third team to arrive at the mat, while Matt and Redmond are eliminated.

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