‘The Amazing Race’ recap: ‘Scared Spitless’ leaves teams dangling

This second episode of season 29 of “The Amazing Race” begins in Panama with the 10 remaining teams hightailing it to a travel agency to book flights to São Paulo, Brazil. Spread out over six flights, their first task is to sign up for a helicopter tour of the city before making their way to Prace da Se, in the city center, to pick up their next clue.

The two teams on the first flight — Matt and Redmond and Vanck and Ashton — had agreed to flip a coin at the helipad to determine who got on the first chopper. But the all-male team, made up of a snowboarder and an Army vet, reneged on the deal.

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They were were the first to be confronted with the Detour:

Keep the Beat: Play instruments with a samba band

Work Your Feet: Build a workout station

They opt for the latter and make their way to an outdoor gym underneath a busy highway. They motor through the task, making just one small mistake by forgetting to fill a barrel with water but quickly correct that and are on their way to the Roadblock, ahead of Vanck and Ashton.

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Shamir and Sara are the first team to opt to make music but are stymied until their second attempt. One-time high school band members Liz and Michael have no such problems and are one and done as are the fun-loving Becca and Floyd.

Brooke and Scott are slowed down by the former having a fall, which leaves it to Scott to put together the workout station. He manages to keep up with Seth and Olive, who were first on the first leg. Soon after they exit, Tara and Joey, the two oldest players, also finish this task.

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It is only at this point that we see Jessie and Francesca on the helicopter tour. As they were the last of the 22 players to finish the pre-game task of finding a luggage store in Los Angeles, they were paired up.

Vanck and Ashton find the female bicyclist with the Roadblock clue — “Who likes things squeaky clean” — before Matt and Redmond, which makes Ashton happy. She jumps at the chance to rappel down the side of a building and wash a window. So does Liz, who gives the episode its title by declaring she is “Scared Spitless.” But Scott is less sure, admitting to a fear of heights but knowing that his teammate, Brooke, is not up for the task.

Liz and Ashton finish within seconds of each other but it is the former, along with Michael, who makes it to the Pitstop, Trianon Park, first. They win a trip for two to Barbados. Vanck and Ashton, who had hightailed it there on foot instead of in a cab, are second.

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Redmond and Seth are having trouble getting a passing grade from the window inspector while Shamir, who races with Sara, is having a tough time with the harness. He takes a time-out and that allows both those fellows, as well as Becca, Tara and Logan (who races with London) to pass him by.

Sara buys him some time by sending Jessie and Francesca off in the wrong direction to search for the cyclist with the clue and he finally gets the all-clear on his fifth try at washing the window. With Francesca needing two tries to complete the task, she and Jessie end up last to the mat and eliminated.

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