‘The Amazing Race’ recap: Double episode ends with shocking twist

This double-header of “The Amazing Race” saw the teams begin in Zanzibar, Tanzania in eastern Africa and end in the far reaches of Norway. Along the way, we saw a lot of frayed nerves as tensions mounted within many of the teams still in the hunt. Surprisingly, as these pairings are made up of complete strangers, several of the dynamic duos are remarkably chill with each other.

Many of the teams were stymied at the outset by the instruction to find the house of Farrokh Bulsara. Several went astray, not realizing that it was the childhood home of Queen frontman, the late Freddie Mercury, as hinted out by phrase “another one bites the dust.”

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The choices at the Detour:

Knock: Find three royal doors in Stone Town; or

Lock: Find a key hidden inside one of dozens of wooden chests.

Two teams — Vanck and Ashton and Sara and Shamir — opt for the race around the narrow streets while the others choose to go on a treasure hunt in one very crowded room. However, Tara and Joey soon abandon that side of the detour and hit the road. Among those that remain, Mike is the first to discover that the many of the chests have a secret compartment and he and Liz soon find the clue that sends them back to the mainland via a ferry.

Matt and Redmond are next to open a chest and head to the dock. Brooke discovers a key but can’t get it to fit a lock but her teammate Scott has more success with a second one. He gives the first to a very grateful Becca and she and Floyd are soon on their way too. However, London and Logan are having no such success and decide to try their luck at knocking. This task is made much easier when they find someone who points them in the right direction to all three doors. They join the rest of the team save Shamir and Sara on the first ferry as that mismatched pairing is stymied by finding that third door.

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The Roadblock requires one of the team to make a ladle using the most rudimentary tools. Mike welcomes the chance to get his hands dirty and is soon pounding away on the metal. He is joined by Becca, Brooke, Joey, Redmond and Vanck. All of them save Brooke are able to follow the instructions fairly readily. However, Brooke benefitted from the goodwill of several of the other teams: Becca, wo owed her from the find-a-key task, cut the metal while Redmond showed her how to fashion it into a shape.

The teams rush to the Pit Stop on Coco Beach with Tara and Joey getting there first and winning $5,000 each for their efforts. Becca and Floyd are next followed by Liz and Mike, Matt and Redmond, London and Logan and Vanck and Ashton. Brooke and Scott make it to the mat in seventh, thereby eliminating Shamir and Sara who are still back at the metal shop.

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The next leg sees all seven remaining teams on the same flight to Alesund, Norway. Their first stop is the Fyr lighthouse where they must each eat a plate of raw fish to get their next clue. Brooke balks, slowing her and Scott down yet again. Becca and Floyd are the first to finish and opt to use the Fast Forward, rather than the Express Pass that they lucked into in the first leg. They travel by one helicopter to another which takes them up to 10,000 feet for a tandem sky-dive.

The other teams drive back to Slinningsbalet to tackle the Roadblock: a climb up a 13-story wooden pyre made of pallets. Matt, a professional snowboarder, is first up and down, followed by Joey and Ashton. Scott, who has a fear of heights, is soon passed by London and Liz.

Matt and Redmond are the first to reach the Detour:

Troll: Find the clue at the end of a fishing line; or

Trolls: Locate six trolls hidden in the streets of the village.

The boys opt to go fishing but are not having any luck until Tara and Joey point them in the right direction. Once Tara and Joey figure out that their clue, “Aksla,” is the lodge atop a nearby mountain, they are the first to the mat again, followed by Matt and Redmond.

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The other teams are all doing reasonably well finding the trolls but having less luck carrying the oversize firecrackers. Vanck and Ashton decide to use their car, which helps then and when they have to head up the mountain to the mat. They arrive just after Becca and Floyd, whose Fast Forward took a lot longer than they thought.

London and Logan and Brooke and Scott head up the hill on foot while Liz and Mike make a short car trip into a marathon. However, while they are last to the mat, Phil tells them that this is not a Pit Stop and that the race is still on.

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