‘The Amazing Race’ episode 7 preview: ‘Have Fun and Get It Done’ sees rising tensions [WATCH]

On this week’s episode of “The Amazing Race,” teams travel from one scenic spot in Italy to another as they journey from Lake Como to Venice. Despite this seventh episode’s title, ‘Have Fun and Get It Done,’ all is not well between the six remaining teams. Tensions flare in the fight for water taxis in this city of canals. Take a look at the teaser trailer above and then read our recap of last week’s episode. If you haven’t already, be sure to make your predictions as to what team will win the “Race.”

The sixth episode of season 29 of “The Amazing Race” was the second in which there was a Double U-Turn. This was no surprise to the seven teams remaining and six of them decided to take out Vanck and Ashton if given the chance. But first they had to make their way from the far reaches of Norway to Milan, Italy.

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All the teams were on the same flight but got separated at the Roadblock, which required one team member to ride a restaurant tram around downtown Milan and spot three neon signs while eating a full meal. Tara and Mike are the only racers on the first tram. Working together they complete the task and are rewarded with their next clue that sends them to the ferry dock for a boat ride across Lake Como.

After the second tram fills up with four players — Floyd, Redmond, Scott and Vanck — Logan is left waiting on the platform. The first three are in cahoots but fail to find the three signs and must do the trip again. Likewise for Logan, who had to ride solo on his tram. All five finally get the signs aligned.

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While all seven teams are on the same boat, they must leave in five minute increments in the morning in search of their next clue and the Double U-Turn board. While Tara and Mike, who are first to find it, opt not to U-Turn another team they encourage Liz and Mike to do so and they put Vanck and Ashton on the board. In turn, they get Becca and Floyd to U-Turn them, which nullifies that penalty.

The choices at the Detour:

Grab a Hold: One racer climbs a rock wall while the other stays on the ground to assist; or

Make a Mold: One racer is the model and the other the artist who must craft a papier-mache sculpture.

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Becca and Floyd and Matt and Redmond make quick work of the rock climbing and arrive at the Pit Stop in Tremezzo Park in first and second place respectively; the prize for being first is trip for two to Argentina. Climbers Liz and Mike and Brooke and Scott finish in fourth and fifth. Tara and Joey opt to tap into their artistic abilities as do London and Logan. But this task proves to be time consuming and these teams make it to the mat in third and sixth respectively.

The valiant Vanck and Ashton do both sides of the Detour but are last to reach the Pit Stop and find out from Phil that this is an elimination leg. If you haven’t already, be sure to make your predictions as to what team will win the “Race.”

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