‘The Amazing Race’ episode 8 preview: ‘Good Job, Donkey’ turns bad with surprise U-Turn [WATCH]

On this week’s episode of “The Amazing Race,” teams travel from Venice, Italy to Athens, Greece. Despite this eighth episode’s silly title — ‘Good Job, Donkey’ — all is serious for the six remaining teams. Tensions flare when teams encounter a surprise U-turn. Take a look at the teaser trailer above and then read our recap of last week’s episode. If you haven’t already, be sure to make your predictions as to what team will win the “Race.”

Two weeks ago we saw the second episode of the season with a Double U-Turn. To that end, we expected last week’s installment to be a non-elimination leg and it was. While the editing tried to ratchet up the suspense as the teams raced around Venice, the inter-cut interviews gave away the relatively happy ending.

The teams arrived in Venice in two waves, with Becca and Floyd, Joey and Tara, and Matt and Redmond the first to find the street sweeper in Piazza San Marco with their clue, that had a Detour:

Bring It: Teams have to navigate the alleys and bridges with a heaping pile of luggage and deliver it to a hotel; or

Sing It: Teams have to sing a song in Italian to a couple riding in a gondola.

Not surprisingly, Becca and Floyd opt for the singing as it sounds fun while the others choose the physical task.

The second set of teams — Brooke and Scott, Liz and Michael, and London and Logan — arrive in the square. After Team LoLo find the clue quickly, they decide not to steer the others in the right direction as they head to the Bring It side of the Detour. Luckily, the others opt for the singing.

Matt and Redmond are first to finish the Detour and reach the Roadblock, which requires one teammate to paint a mask using an elaborate technique. Redmond follows the artist at work and is done before Tara and Floyd have even started. After finishing in second for the last two legs, Matt and Redmond finally get to the mat first and win a trip for two to Grenada for their efforts.

While Tara does not realize there is a specific technique to be followed, Floyd does and is done quickly. Tara has to start over and is soon joined by Liz and London. They are all hard at work and Brooke finally arrives, even more stressed than usual. However, she catches a lucky break when Liz fails with her first attempt and has to start over.

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In the end, Liz and Michael make it to the mat in last, a mere minute or two behind London and Logan and Brooke and Scott, who had traveled there in a pack. After being told by Phil that this is a non-elimination leg, an overwrought Liz breaks down and Michael comforts her. They will face a Speed Bump on the next leg.

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