‘The Amazing Race’ recap: ‘Riding a Bike Is Like Riding a Bike’ ends with final four

After last week’s non-elimination leg of  “The Amazing Race,” this week’s double-header ended with a  elimination that cut the teams down to the final four. While the editing tried to ratchet up the suspense as the teams raced around Vietnam, the inter-cut interviews gave away the ending.

The teams started off in Greece with one member of each having to do a bungee jump. Clue in hand, all five teams end up on the same flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.

A Detour requires teams to undertake a physically demanding task:

Bamboo Climb: Navigate the crowded city streets with a 15-foot long ladder to retrieve a bird cage on a rooftop; or

Window Design: Transport three mannequins many blocks and do a window display exactly as depicted.

All of the teams want to do the climb but only three — Becca and Floyd, Matt and Redmond, and London and Logan — get the ladders needed and are able to finish this task fairly quickly and arrive at the mat in that order. The other two teams — Brooke and Scott and Tara and Joey — who are lumbered with the mannequins struggle. However, after Tara misreads the clue, she and Joey are delayed to the point that they end up to the mat last but get a reprieve as this is a non-elimination leg.

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The following morning, Becca and Floyd and Matt and Redmond get a 30-minute lead over the other three teams when they make the first bus to Ninh Binh. Matt is able to knock out the Road Block that requires loading up a bike with 32 shrimp traps and transporting them a fair distance. However, Floyd struggles in the heat and suffers even more as he sees Scott, Joey (who quickly knocked out his egg collecting Speed Bump with Tara) and London complete the task.

Matt and Redmond are the first to finish the Detour, which required Matt to row a boat with his feet, and make it up the 500 steps to Phil at the finish line. Up next are Brooke and Scott, followed by the resurgent Tara and Joey. London and Logan round out the final four. Phil makes his way to Becca and Floyd, who is suffering from heat exhaustion, to tell them they have been eliminated.

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