Who will Nick choose on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 21: Raven, Rachel, Corinne or Vanessa? [POLL]

The last two weeks on “The Bachelor” saw Nick Viall have a crisis of reality TV confidence. He became confused by the process with the girls in tropical vacation spot St. Thomas, so he remedied this by taking the girls to tropical vacation spot Bimini. Finally, he was able to narrow his potential suitors down to four. This week’s “Bachelor” episode saw all four ladies take Nick to their hometown for dates to meet their families. No one was sent packing in this episode, as right before Nick had to make the call he got a surprise visit from former “Bachelorette” flame Andi Dorfman, which ended the episode with a cliffhanger. So, which girl is best positioned to win the heart of Nick Viall in Season 21? Read my pros and cons list below and then vote in our poll.

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PROS: On her hometown date, she used the good ol’ “get my brother cop to pretend to arrest us for climbing onto a grain bin” prank, that I assume must be all the rage for tugging romantic heartstrings in Hoxie, Texas. They then made out in a muddy field, miraculously avoiding mosquito bites in the process. This showed Nick that a life with Raven would be “exciting and spontaneous and maybe a little crazy, in the best possible way.”

CONS: After a while in life you run out of brothers and grain bins. Does Nick see something long term with Raven once the spontaneity and new things are gone?

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PROS: Rachel took Nick to her church and he had a good time. The minister even gave him a shout-out in the sermon. Afterwards, Nick confessed that of all the girls, it was Rachel who “I always feel the most comfortable with.” If Raven is about spontaneity then Rachel is about comfortability.

CONS: When Nick met Rachel’s family they asked him a lot of questions about race and his history dating “black” women. Totally understandable questions and he was able to win them round. But I wonder if questions like that can get in someone’s head and hurt the comfortability factor?

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PROS: Corrine decided to take Nick out for an afternoon that seemed more suited to a group of high school sophomore girls — a trip to the mall. They tried on outfits, she thought Nick looked good in a ridiculous straw fedora and he tried on a pair of $800 track pants. Then in a noisy mall food court she said “I love you,” probably over soda. This would all be cons for me but Nick seemed to have a good time, concluding that “she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she embraces life.”

CONS: This date had a $3,423 price tag and her dad talked about “providing” for Corrine. Nick could presume that she has come to expect a certain lifestyle. Is this something he’s prepared to help maintain?

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PROS: For Vanessa’s hometown, Nick had to go up to Montreal, Canada. She took him to the school where she teaches and they made a scrapbook about the dates they have been on so far. Nick concluded that “there’s a lot of beauty and magic in this room.”

CONS: Nick got the biggest grilling from Vanessa’s family, including pressure to move to Canada. But the biggest question came from her father who, when asked to bless a potential engagement, got Nick to confess that the same question had been asked to the other families. This news distressed Vanessa who said hearing the question “was shared with other people makes it less meaningful” — apparently breaking the news to Vanessa that she was on “The Bachelor.”

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