‘The Bachelorette’: 54% of our readers beg Rachel to NOT choose Lee [POLL RESULTS]

Fans of ABC’s reality dating series “The Bachelorette” are on the edge of their seats for the next rose ceremony Monday night. We asked you in a recent poll which bachelor Rachel Lindsay should NOT choose for her husband, and the overwhelming winner (if you can call him that) was Lee, with 54% of the vote. It’s been a bad week for Lee, given his recent troubles with a series of racist and sexist tweets, so perhaps the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

Lee, in fact, won another recent poll asking who Rachel should send home in episode 4, with a whopping 38% of the vote. Yet he lived to see another week, stirring up trouble with fellow contestant Kenny. Will he survive this Monday’s rose ceremony?

Coming in second place with 12% of the vote was Bryan, followed by Eric with 8%, Iggy with 7%, and Adam with 6%, making Lee the most hated bachelor by a country mile.

In 6th place, with just 4% of the vote, was Peter. Josiah came in 7th with 3%, followed closely by Dean with 2%. Alex, Anthony, Kenny, and Will all tied for 9th place with just 1% of the vote.

Coming in last (or in this case, first?) were Jack, Jonathan, and Matt with a stunning 0% of the vote. Does this make one of them the perfect match, or are viewers too disinterested in them to even bother casting them off?

Will Rachel Lindsay take our advice and kick Lee to the curb? Tune into ABC Monday night to find out.

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