‘The Bachelorette’ episode 3 recap: Rachel Lindsay rides high above drama

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Rachel Lindsay, it’s that she has no tolerance for b.s. (although that begs the questions of what she’s doing on “The Bachelorette” in the first place, but never mind). She proved that yet again on Monday night, letting go of multiple troublemakers threatening to delay her quest for true love.

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, with DeMario returning to the mansion after being ousted when his secret girlfriend appeared. Tonight opened with a semi-circle of men surrounding the disgraced contestant as he pled his case to Rachel in the form of a Jay-Z lyric: “In order to experience joy, you need pain.” But Rachel isn’t having it, and shows him the door for the last time.

Meanwhile, the feud between Blake and the Whaboom guy (Lucas) continues, and it’s just as silly as you’d expect. Lucas tells Rachel that Blake is out to get him, going so far as to eat a banana over his bed as he slept. Blake denies this, citing his no-carb diet as proof to his innocence.

But Rachel has no time for drama, and sends them both packing in the first rose ceremony (also Jamey, for those keeping track). They take their fight outside, and surprisingly, Blake comes across worse than the Whaboom guy.

Next is the group date, with Alex, Bryan, Fred, Jonathan, Peter and Will taking a trip to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” That’s right, Ellen DeGeneres is our celebrity guest star this week. She’s basically a wing-woman for Rachel, and right off the bat she’s no fan of Jonathan, a.k.a the Tickler. Instead of being in the audience, the boys are a part of the show, playing Never Have I Ever and Magic Mike to a slightly uncomfortable crowd.

Later Fred, who has carried a torch for Rachel for 20 years, decides to finally make his move. But he makes it as awkward as humanly possible, asking her if he can kiss her before laying one on her. Rachel just can’t get that out of her head, and sends Fred home shortly thereafter. Worst of all, she does it while holding the Date Rose, making Fred think he’s about to get it. Instead, it goes to Alex.

For this week’s one-on-one date, Rachel invites Anthony to a rodeo … and by that we mean riding horseback down Rodeo Drive while Rachel shops. She gives him the Date Rose while eating under the stars in LA.

The next group date brought back some old friends from “The Bachelor”: Raven, Corrine, Jasmine, and Alexis. They’re there to make sure the guys won’t get drunk and hit on them while mud wrestling for Rachel’s heart; Bryce wins. Raven warns her friend about Eric, but that doesn’t stop him from getting the rose. Also, turns out Kenny was a Chippendale’s dancer in Las Vegas.

Raven’s not the only one who has her doubts about Eric. Later, at the cocktail party, Iggy and Lee tell Rachel that he’s up to no good, leading to a whole lot of “he said, he said” that finally culminates in Eric shouting at everybody. How will they react? You’ll have to find out next week.

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