‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 6 recap: Lee goes home as Rachel cuts her bachelors in half to just 6

Ding dong, the Lee is gone. The Nashville-born singer-songwriter has been a sore point for many “Bachelorette” fans, with viewers wondering how Rachel Lindsay could keep him on following the revelation of his many racist and sexist tweets. In fact, 71% of our readers begged her to kick him to the curb in our recent poll, and she finally took our advice. In fact, she slashed the number of bachelors by half in a bloodbath that rivaled the Red Wedding on “Game of Thrones.”

Last night’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Lee and Kenny continuing a long-standing feud on a two-on-one date in the Norwegian backwoods. Lee, you’ll recall, alleged that Kenny confided in him that he’s a mean drunk, and Rachel didn’t buy that for one second. She sends Lee home, but right as she and Kenny are about to board a helicopter to freedom, Kenny leaves to have a final word with the guy. Bad move.

Next up is the rose ceremony, where Rachel bids farewell to jokester Josiah and Anthony, who rode horseback down Rodeo Drive in episode 3 and is now riding off into the sunset.

Continuing their European vacation, Rachel and the remaining nine gentlemen travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, where Eric gets the first one-on-one date. He admits he’s never been in love before, and Rachel gives him a date rose.

In the group date, two Viking “experts” instruct the men in some truly ridiculous competitions, including a sword fight between Kenny and Adam that ends with both men bruised and battered (hence that shot of Kenny’s bloody face that’s been used in the ads for weeks now). Peter, who 51% of our readers picked as their favorite bachelor in another recent poll, gets the group date rose.

Later, it becomes apparent that Kenny’s heart just isn’t in it, and Rachel sends him home. Kenny’s a real class act, though: he admits the two haven’t connected in a significant way, and plus he’s got a daughter to consider. He exits gracefully.

Next is the second one-on-one date, this time with Will. To call it unromantic would be an understatement. While in Sweden, the two dine with a couple who’ve been married for 35 years, and it seems that was enough of an eye-opener for Rachel to send him home.

There’s one final rose ceremony before the episode ends, and Rachel sends Alex home, leaving just six men. At the rate things are going, this could be the shortest season of “The Bachelorette” yet.

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