‘The Bachelorette’: Rachel Lindsay MUST choose this suitor from final three

After watching Rachel Lindsay get her heart broken on “The Bachelor,” I was thrilled that she was chosen for season 13 of “The Bachelorette.” While she is simply lovely, her suitors were, for the most part, ill-suited to her. Who should she choose from her final three: Bryan, Eric, and Peter. On Monday, August 7, Rachel will choose one of these men to be her mate.?

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Rachel’s picking were slim, as evidenced by the recent “Men Tell All” episode. The guys who sign up to be on reality dating shows aren’t the cream of the crop. A racist tweeter (Lee), a suitor still texting his ex-girlfriend (DeMario), and the “Whaboom” guy (Lucas) make for entertaining television, but none of them were husband material.

As for the final three:

First, there’s fan-favorite Peter, whom 52% of our readers agree should be Rachel’s pick. For a while, he seemed on track to winning her heart. Yet Peter has expressed his reluctance to propose at the finale. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t such a bad idea given that he’s been dating her in front of millions of viewers. But his caution clearly hurt Rachel, who saw a great future for them.

Then there’s Eric, who topped our poll as to who Rachel should drop after the hometown dates (she sent Dean home instead). Eric’s hometown date was of special significance as it was the first time he’d ever introduced his family to a girl. His sincerity worked on Rachel, who spent the night with him in episode 9. Could he be a spoiler?

Finally, there’s Bryan; their last one-on-one date will be seen in the season finale. Rachel likes the guy, but her family found him wanting when they met him last week. They’re not the only ones: 53% of our readers agreed he should get the boot. Rachel defended him vigorously, but our collective concerns are warranted.

So to whom should Rachel give that final rose? I’ve gotta cast my vote for Peter. The two look so adorable together with their matching front-tooth gaps. His reticence to get engaged on live television is perfectly reasonable. I’ll likely be proven wrong (all signs are pointing towards a Bryan win), but I’ve made my choice and I’m sticking to it. But hey, even if he loses, maybe he can be the next “Bachelor,” so there’s silver linings everywhere.

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