‘The Good Fight’ episode 10 recap: Cyberattack leaves Diane, Lucca, Maia in the dark in ‘Chaos’

In the penultimate episode of its first season, “The Good Fight” put Maia (Rose Leslie) in the legal hot seat during a proffer session with the FBI. In the season finale, “Chaos,” Lucca (Cush Jumbo) feels the wrath of the legal system when she’s charged with co-conspiring on a cyberterrorism plot to shut down the Chicago power grid while acting as legal counsel for “The Good Wife” character Dylan Stack (Jason Biggs). As Maia steps up to help Adrian (Delroy Lindo) represent Lucca in court, Diane (Christine Baranski) comes to Kurt’s (Gary Cole) side following an injury. Below, let’s look at the Top 5 moments from “The Good Fight” Season 1, Episode 10.

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Boldness — Parallels seem to be a hallmark of Robert King and Michelle King’s writing (see the infamous slap that opens and closes “The Good Wife”), and “Chaos” begins with a close-up of Maia that’s nearly identical to her introduction in the premiere when we see her taking the bar exam. This time, Maia’s sitting down for a performance review with Adrian and Barbara (Erica Tazel), who inform her that she needs to be more assertive. In contrast, Lucca receives a stellar performance review and the news that she’s now on the partnership track. These contrasting scenes beautifully set up their surprising soon-to-be reversal of fate with Maia having to represent Lucca in court.

A Missing Shoe — While Diane tries to set Maia’s mind at ease over her mixed performance review, Marissa (Sarah Steele) interrupts to inform her that she has a call from Harbor Hospital: Kurt has been in a car accident and will soon undergo surgery. When Diane gets to the hospital, she spots a man’s feet dangling off of a hospital bed and notices that he’s missing a shoe. The chilling image is a direct reference to “Good Wife” episode “Dramatics, Your Honor,” in which Diane and Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) find Will Gardner’s (Josh Charles) body in the hospital missing a shoe, which he lost during the courtroom shooting that took his life. Even more rattled than before, Diane finds Kurt and pleads with him through tears, “Don’t do things that put you in the hospital,” in one of Baranski’s most emotional and endearing scenes on the series to date.

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Trojan Horse — In the case of the week, Diane decides to represent Dylan Stack, who comes to Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad claiming he’s been set up as a cyberterrorist after finding malware on his computer aimed to attack Chicago’s power grid and cause a city-wide blackout. Diane dispatches Lucca to the Department of Justice to meet with her ex-boyfriend Colin (Justin Bartha) to see if they would hypothetically grant a client immunity in exchange for information in the interest of preventing the attack. Lucca gives Colin the thumb drive she received from Dylan, unaware that it contains the malware that later infects the government’s network. As a result, Colin’s boss Wilbur Dincon (Adam Heller) arrests Lucca for co-conspiring on the attack and puts Colin on the stand to prove that Lucca handed over the malware. When Adrian cross-examines Colin, he accuses him of testifying as an act of vengeance since Lucca ended their relationship. Adrian’s badgering of Colin parallels Lucca’s questioning of Kurt in the series finale of “The Good Wife,” forcing him to air his dirty laundry on the stand. Lindo, Jumbo, and Bartha are excellent in the scene, which serves as a sad climax to the latter two’s season-long courtship.

Mr. Staples Takes the Stand — In an attempt to unmask the party responsible for planning the cyberattack, Marissa and Jay (Nyambi Nyambi) notice that Felix Staples (John Cameron Mitchell) interacted with Dylan on an online discussion board. Diane sits down her recent nemesis in the interest of working together and they iron out a quid pro quo where he’ll use his connections to uncover the mastermind if Diane agrees to represent him in a few legal matters. To uphold his end of the bargain, Felix testifies on behalf of Lucca to prove she was not involved in planning the cyberattack, but when Dincon tries to undermine his testimony by bringing up his reputation of a provocateur, Maia takes Adrian’s advice to be more bold and eviscerates him in front of the judge.

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Blackout — Once the long-awaited blackout finally strikes Chicago, the Kings bring together different pairings of characters in poignant scenes to cap off the season, beginning with Lucca and Colin parting amicably after the embarrassment in court. In a dark conference room, Diane and Adrian celebrate their victories in court, remark on the beauty of the city, and worry about the state of the nation while Barbara listens in wistfully. Driving Kurt home from the hospital, Diane shares another emotional moment with Kurt that finds him apologizing for his infidelity and them taking their first steps toward a reconciliation. Surrounded by candlelight, Maia has a family dinner with dad Henry (Paul Guilfoyle) and mom Lenore (Bernadette Peters), during which she learns that Henry has agreed to 35 year sentence in exchange for a guarantee that the DOJ won’t indict Maia. When Maia protests, Henry finally admits that he’s guilty of orchestrating the Ponzi scheme and apologizes for disappointing her. As we’ve come to expect from Henry’s selfish nature, though, he decides to flee the country, clearly violating the terms of his plea deal, and the season ends with Dincon arresting Maia.

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