‘The Leftovers’ episode 2 video recap: ‘Don’t Be Ridiculous’/’Perfect Strangers’ crossover [WATCH]

For this final season of “The Leftovers,” Gold Derby will be presenting weekly recaps with our staff of writers and editors (watch above). This week I am joined by our host Riley Chow and editor Rob Licuria to break down the plot twists, highlights and Emmy prospects of Season 3, Episode 2, titled “Don’t Be Ridiculous.” (Watch last week’s video recap of Episode 1, “The Book of Kevin.”)

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“Don’t Be Ridiculous” (written by showrunner Damon Lindelof and directed by Keith Gordon) opens as Nora (Carrie Coon) is investigating the disappearance of the Pillar Man by interrogating his wife Sandy (Brett Butler). Nora discovers that her brother Matt (Christopher Eccleston) has helped to bury him after having a heart attack. After getting her cast off, Nora receives a call from Mark Linn-Baker, best known from the television show “Perfect Stranger,” who in the world of “The Leftovers” is the only cast member who was not taken during the sudden departure seven years ago. Linn-Baker informs Nora that she can see her children again and will tell her how if she meets him in St. Louis.

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Once in St. Louis, they discuss a device that has been invented to recreate the sudden departure and will reunite the person with their loved ones and the rarity of being one of four people to not be taken. Nora is painfully aware of that since her whole family including her two small children departed. Nora visits a now seven-year old Lily who has been reunited after a custody hearing with her birth mother, however the pain is too much for her to deal with. Once back in Texas, Nora visits Erika (Regina King) to discuss the death of her daughter Evie and the difference between death and departure.

Bck at home, Nora walks in on Kevin (Justin Theroux) trying to kill himself, before the two decide to head to Australia. Just like last week, the episode again ends in Australia with viewers getting their first look at Grace (Lindsay Duncan) and her group of Aussie cowgirls on a quest to find a Kevin who also is a Sheriff, ending with the death of the wrong man and the return of Kevin Garvey Sr. (Scott Glenn).

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Since we’ve had two seasons of new opening credits, hopes were high that we would get a new set for Season 3, but instead we just go a new song. As Rob points out, “It was jarring to have that theme song play. I knew immediately it was the theme song to ‘Perfect Strangers.'”

In our discussion about possible guest star Emmy nominations, I point out, “I wish the show was more on the Emmys radar. Linn-Baker would be such a deserving nomination because he plays this so hauntingly.”

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As Riley adds, “The scene between Regina King and Carrie Coon is the first scene they’ve had together since Episode 6 of the second season.” We also hope that the elevated profiles of Coon, who is also starring on this season of “Fargo” and King, a two-time Emmy winner (“American Crime” 2015-2016), could help “The Leftovers” finally get an Emmy nomination.

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