‘The Leftovers’ episode 3 video recap: What did we think of ‘Crazy Whitefella Thinking’? [WATCH]

For this final season of “The Leftovers” Gold Derby will be presenting weekly video recaps, so be sure to watch our latest above. What did our staff writers and editors think of “Crazy Whitefella Thinking”? This week I am joined by our host Riley Chow and contributing writer Amanda Spears to break down the plot twists, highlights and Emmy prospects of “The Leftovers” Season 3, Episode 3. (Also watch last week’s video recaps of Episode 1 “The Book of Kevin” and Episode 2 “Don’t Be Ridiculous.”)

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“Crazy Whitefella Thinking” (written by showrunner Damon Lindelof along with Tom Spezialy and directed by Mimi Leder) focuses entirely on Kevin Garvey Sr. (Scott Glenn). Kevin is in Australia on a quest to collect songs and chants from indigenous Aboriginal tribes to stave off (in his mind) the coming apocalypse. His quest leads to a tribal elder named Christopher Sunday (David Gulpilil), who Kevin believes is the only man that knows the last chant he needs to prevent the end of the world, which will take place on the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure.

Sunday agrees to help Kevin if he fixes his leaky air conditioner, which Kevin does, but which leads him to fall off the roof. After being thrown out of an ambulance in transit across the remote outback, Kevin finds himself wandering the desert. Dehydrated and near death, he is eventually rescued by Grace (Lindsay Duncan) and taken to her homestead to recover. Grace lost her husband in the Sudden Departure and after finding a page of the book written by Matt (Christopher Eccleston) on Kevin, believes she needs to kill a police chief named Kevin in order for him to communicate with the departed. Kevin listens to her story and reassures her that there may be some truth to it after all.

“The episode title was so appropriate,” I say, “because he was really a crazy, whitefella thinking. It was so ridiculous to make those jumps and to draw those conclusions to get from he was to where he ended up. It put a really big smile on my face as I was watching it play out. It’s just so typical of Kevin Sr., he is a complete nutter and that’s why we love him.”

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Riley agrees that this was a showcase for Scott Glenn, who shined in the episode masterfully directed. “I love how Mimi Leder, who directed this episode, was clearly fascinated by his face, as you can see every wrinkle in every shot and he’s got much longer hair this season so he’s more dishevelled,” Riley notes.

“It was a beautiful episode,” agrees Amanda, who then opens up the discussion on the chances that this episode might have for Emmy recognition later this year. “It would be a crime for Damon Lindelof not to get some recognition for this show,” I say.

And Riley adds, “We could see this episode pop up in cinematography as that is a category where they are watching tapes. So we do often see random nominees, like last year when we saw ‘Bates Motel’ get in after being snubbed for all previous seasons.”

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