‘The Voice’ battle: Lauryn Judd vs. Lilli Passero with ‘Every Little Bit Hurts’ for Team Alicia Keys [WATCH]

Coach Alicia Keys only had one spot remaining for her team moving forward on Season 12 of “The Voice.” For Tuesday’s last battle round, the Grammy winner matched up Lauryn Judd vs. Lilli Passero with “Every Little Bit Hurts” by Brenda Holloway for a terrific duet. Because it’s such a late moment in this section of the season, coaching steals were almost gone, so Lauryn had to go home after Alicia selected Lilli to continue to the knockouts next week (watch their battle performance above).

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Our writer Denton Davidson ranked this battle as a great one on Tuesday. He says, “Alicia paired up two unique pop singers in this battle, looking to see if youth could win out over experience. Lauryn, who is just 17 years old, clearly has the more unique tone. But the 27-year old Lilli showed more emotion, range and stage presence as she easily won this battle. Following the performance, Adam told Alicia, ‘That girl can win. Just watch!’ And I agree. Look for Lilli Passero to be a dark horse in this competition. Unfortunately Lauryn didn’t pick up a steal and was eliminated from the competition.”

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The NBC bio for Lauryn: “Growing up, Lauryn always wanted to be a Disney princess and fell in love with the song ‘A Whole New World.’ She performed for the first time at age four and has since kept busy with dance, school choir and musical theater. She’s been a part of a music theater company since age 11 and focuses all of her energy on singing.”

The NBC bio for Lilli: “Lilli’s parents are the ultimate theater nerds, both having professional careers in musical theater. Lilli’s life was all about performing, acting and singing, and she went on to study acting at Carnegie Mellon University. She graduated and moved to Hollywood to pursue acting, going on many auditions and landing various guest spots, including on NBC’s ‘Go On.’ She currently works as a server but continues to audition and even had a starring role in ‘Cabaret,’ in which she received positive feedback on her voice.”

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