‘The Voice’ battles: Who was the only artist stolen by Adam Levine on Tuesday’s show?

The battle rounds concluded on “The Voice” Tuesday night with three duals that sent two artists home and earned another one the final steal. Coaches Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys each had artists take the stage, while Blake Shelton, whose team was already full, was able to relax and enjoy the show. John Legend (Team Adam), Celine Dion (Team Gwen), and DJ Khaled (Team Alicia) returned as mentors.

With the conclusion of the battles, each team now consists of eight artists who will compete in the knockout rounds beginning next week. The coaches will pair up the remaining singers to compete head-to-head with solo performances, where the winners will move on to the live playoffs and the losers will be eliminated. Each coach will also have one more steal to use on an artist from another team they aren’t ready to see go home. In total, 20 artists will advance to the Season 12 live playoffs starting April 17.

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Here are my power rankings of these three battles with Team Gwen having the best match-up. And here are links to the first roundsecond round and third round of battles from the past few days.

1. Brandon Royal vs. Davina Leone (Team Gwen) – “In the Night”
The chemistry between these two artists made the performance fun to watch from beginning to end. Their interaction flowed naturally as Brandon showed off the effortless power in his voice and Davina worked the stage like we hadn’t gotten to see her do before. To reward Brandon for his impressive vocals and keep him away from his biggest fan, Blake Shelton, Gwen chose him as the winner. But don’t feel bad for Davina, who was swiftly stolen by Adam and will continue on to the knockout rounds.

2. Lauryn Judd vs. Lilli Passero (Team Alicia) – “Every Little Bit Hurts”
Alicia paired up two unique pop singers in this battle, looking to see if youth could win out over experience. Lauryn, who is just 17 years old, clearly has the more unique tone. But the 27-year old Lilli showed more emotion, range and stage presence as she easily won this battle. Following the performance, Adam told Alicia, “That girl can win. Just watch!” And I agree. Look for Lilli to be a dark horse in this competition. Unfortunately Lauryn didn’t pick up a steal and was eliminated from the competition.

3. Jesse Larson vs. Taylor Alexander (Team Adam) – “Shameless”
In a pairing even Adam said “made no sense,” the soulful Jesse was matched with country singer Taylor to perform a Garth Brooks song originally from Billy Joel. Jesse, who previously played guitar for a Season 4 Team Adam member (Judith Hill), simply blew Taylor out of the water in this battle. While playing electric guitar and letting his voice soar, it seemed as though Jesse was the only singer on stage. Taylor never looked comfortable and his vocals were lost in this performance. In the end, Adam picked Jesse as the winner and Taylor was sent home.

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