‘The Voice’ knockouts power rankings: Best artists for Monday’s Night 1 are both on Team Miley Cyrus

The Season 13 knockouts premiered on “The Voice” Monday night, leading to a few shocking eliminations and multiple standout performances that catapulted some new front-runners into the limelight. Coaches Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine paired up artists from their teams to compete head-to-head with a song of their own choosing. Each coach then had to choose a winner to advance to the live playoffs while the loser was eliminated. The coaches also have one steal a piece to use this round, which enables them to bring an eliminated artist from another team onto theirs.

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Check out my power rankings of all 12 of Monday night’s knockout round performances, from best to worst. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section and let us know who was your favorite performer on Monday.

1. Chloe Kohanski (Team Miley) – “Landslide”
Chloe completely immersed herself within this song and the emotion was able to transcend through the television. This was a breakout performance for Chloe, who actually lost this knockout and was stolen by Blake. Even though Miley didn’t keep her, Chloe’s performance was still my favorite of the night.

2. Janice Freeman (Team Miley) – “I’m Going Down”
Janice continues to raise the bar for herself with each song she performs. She was explosive and captivating on stage, making it impossible for Miley not to choose her. There is a confidence and stage presence she brings to this season that is refreshing and fun to watch.

3. Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer) – “I Can Only Imagine”
Davon chose to sing this inspirational song to show what type of recording artist he hopes to be. I didn’t particularly love the song choice, but his dynamic execution was a tour-de-force. He has great energy and I hope Jennifer can help him navigate better song choices moving forward.

4. Esera Tuaolo (Team Blake) – “Superstar”
The power behind Esera’s huge voice is so effortless and this was a breakout performance for him. This is a typical go-to song for a talent show, but he was convincing without being too cheesy. I think Esera can still loosen up a bit on stage, but this performance was a big step in the right direction.            

5. Adam Cunningham (Team Blake) – “Either Way”
Adam didn’t give the best performance of the night, but in my opinion he still showed the most star power. He just has an x-factor that is beyond anyone else’s at this point. Even though I thought Esera’s performance was slightly better on this night, I’m still shocked that Blake let Adam go. Adam will now join Team Adam, after what was the biggest no-brainer steal of the season.

6. Addison Agen (Team Adam) – “Beneath Your Beautiful”
Addison continued to raise her game with this gorgeous performance that successfully showed off the unique texture of her voice. She is a dark horse in this competition who I believe could make a legitmate run for title if she plays her cards right.

7. Shi’Ann Jones (Team Jennifer) – “Who’s Lovin’ You”
This teenager is so impressive to me, I can’t wait to watch her grow over the course of the season. This performance started out a little slow, but she really brought it home in the end with her high belts and complicated runs. It doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely adorable.   

8. Ashland Craft (Team Miley) – “Wanted Dead or Alive”
I love the raspy grit in Ashland’s voice and I thought this rock song was a nice way to show that off. It wasn’t terribly exciting, but she’s still fun to watch on stage. And although I was surprised to see her defeat Chloe in this knockout, it wasn’t a bad decision for Miley to keep Ashland.   

9. Karli Webster (Team Miley) – “Blue Bayou”
Karli’s elimination tonight was one of the most surprising. Her nearly pitch-perfect performance of this Linda Ronstadt classic just wasn’t big enough as she faced off against her teammate, Janice. She has a beautiful tone and it is a shame we won’t get to hear more from her.

10. Dennis Drummond (Team Adam) – “All Along the Watchtower”
Dennis is fun to watch perform, but the truth is that his voice is just okay. His guitar skills were really the standout here and that isn’t going to cut it on a series where vocals are supposed to be front and center. Unfortunately, Dennis was eliminated.

11. Lucas Holliday (Team Jennifer) – “Tell It Like It Is”
I really thought Lucas could go a long way season, but this performance was so cabaret and boring that Jennifer had no choice but to let him go. Apparently the shock factor of his look vs. his voice wore off faster than expected.

12. Eric Lyn (Team Jennifer) – “What’s Going On”
Eric is undeniably a very talented vocalist, but this performance was a mess. To me it felt like him using the song to show off every possible thing he can do with his voice. He wasn’t telling a story, he was showboating and it ruined the song. Jennifer made the right decision to eliminate him.

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