‘The Voice’ live playoffs: Team Blake Shelton rankings and which 3 artists were eliminated

The Season 12 live playoffs kicked off Monday night on “The Voice,” with Team Blake Shelton and Team Alicia Keys in the hot seats. In the two-hour episode both teams of six artists each performed. Before Blake’s team took the stage it was revealed that he had chosen Felicia Temple as his comeback artist. The previously eliminated singer was ushered back into the competition for another shot to win. But did she win over viewers at home?

Following the live performances, host Carson Daly revealed that the two artists with the most public votes on Team Blake were country artist Lauren Duski and pop singer Aliyah Moulden. It was then up to Blake to choose the last member of his team and he shocked some viewers by going with R&B singer TSoul. That means the three singers going home are Casi Joy, Aaliyah Rose and Temple.

How did we rank the performers for Team Alicia and which 3 of her singers survived? Here is our analysis of her team on Monday.

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Here are my rankings for Monday’s performances on Team Blake, from best to worst.

1. Lauren Duski – “Someone Else’s Star”
With an understated ballad, Lauren separated herself from the rest of Team Blake as the clear frontrunner. Her warm tone is easily recognizable and perfect for country radio. For weeks now she has been considered a potential winner and this performance solidified her position near the top. Without question she is Blake’s top contender and she will definitely be going far.

2. Aliyah Moulden – “Mercy”
This teenager comes alive on stage and seems to improve with each performance. Covering British pop star Duffy was a smart song choice and perhaps her best vocal of the season. It’s impossible to deny she’s a firecracker on stage, and apparently it translated to votes from viewers at home. I think Aliyah is on the cusp of putting together a great performance and I look forward to seeing more from her.

3. TSoul – “Knock on Wood”
This energetic performer is at home singing old-school soul music and this performance displayed his gift. With his own bizarre movements and dance style, TSoul knows how to differentiate himself from the pack. Besides being fun to watch he never fails to deliver a solid vocal. I think his direct competition comes from other teams, but he is definitely one-of-a-kind on Team Blake. I believe that was the reason Blake decided to save him.

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4. Casi Joy – “Parachute”
Casi kicked off the show with this up-tempo Chris Stapleton tune. It was a more passionate and soulful performance than we’ve seen from her so far. She worked the stage like a pro and actively engaged the audience. It wasn’t a particularly memorable performance or vocal, but I am still shocked to see Casi going home this early in the competition.

5. Felicia Temple – “Defying Gravity”
Choosing an iconic Broadway show tune from “Wicked” was an odd song choice, and I’m not sure it helped to define what type of artist Felicia is. That being said, it gave her the chance to display her full vocal range and she delivered. Perhaps the production team still has some audio kinks to work out for live shows, but the band seemed to drown out her voice at times. Regardless, it was a job well done for this comeback artist who was eliminated once again from the competition.

6. Aaliyah Rose – “Brass in Pocket”
At just 14 years old, Aaliyah wasn’t even alive when this song was written. The mid-tempo rock song was an odd choice for the young soul singer and she never seemed to get into the groove of it all. Unfortunately, this performance didn’t stand out and she was unable to win over viewers at home.

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