‘The Voice’ poll: Which Team Adam Levine artist to survive first two knockouts could win?

In the first two Knockout rounds of “The Voice” last week, coach Adam Levine pitted two pairs of his artists against each other. He had to choose one singer in each duet to take on to the knockout rounds. And he stole one artist for his team from rival coach Alicia Keys. His other four artists – Malik Davage, Mark Isaiah, Jesse Larson and Davina Leone — will perform on the April 10 episode.

Levine has won three of his 11 previous seasons on “The Voice.” Which of his artists to survive the knockouts so far do you think could win him the competition this season? Below, a description of what each of these three did to get his attention. Be sure to cast your vote in our poll and then sound off in the comments section.

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Hanna Eyre
Blind Audition: “Blank Space” (March 13)
This 15-year-old from Laguna Nigel, CA took on the 2014 Taylor Swift track “Blank Space.” Levine, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani all wanted her for their team but she chose Levine as she likes his approach to coaching.

Battle Round: “Try” vs. Sheena Brook (March 27)
This was another battle that was not seen in its entirety on the show but was posted online. Both artists tried hard to master this 2012 pop hit for Pink. In the end, Levine liked the sound of Eyre more while Stefani took a pass on Brook.

Knockout Round: vs. Autumn Turner (April 3)
Eyre liked the sound of “Bleeding Love,” which had been a huge hit worldwide in 2007 for Leona Lewis, who had won the U.K. version of “The X Factor” the year before. Levine counselled the 15-year-old to find the sweet spots in the song that could show off her voice. Turner, who Levine stole away from Keys in the Battle round, took on “Respect,” a 1965 hit for Otis Redding that Aretha Franklin made her own in 1967. Eyre was the winner, praised by all the coaches for her song choice, while Turner was faulted for trying to sing a song so associated with one artist.

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Lilli Passero (Steal from Alicia Keys)
Blind Audition: “A Love of My Own” (February 28)
This Los Angeleno, 26, impressed all the judges but Levine with her rendition of soul singer Carla Thomas‘ 1961 signature tune “A Love of My Own.” Keys convinced her to join forces by engaging her in a little sing-song repartee.

Battle Audition:”Every Little Bit Hurts” vs. Lauryn Judd (March 28)
Keys showcased these two singers with this 1964 Motown hit for Brenda Holloway. Passero was in her comfort zone while teenager Judd struggled. After Keys went with Passero, Judd’s only hope was if Levine used his last steal but he passed.

Knockout Round: vs. Ashley Levin (April 3)
Levin tackled “Fancy,” a 1969 hit for Bobbie Gentry that Reba McEntire had made her own in 1991. She decided to add some soul to this country tune and the combo worked wonders. Passero took on “Tears Dry on Their Own,” a 2007 R&B hit for Amy Winehouse, and was a revelation. Keys struggled with her decision before choosing Levin. After Levine and Shelton made their case to Passero, she opted to become part of Team Adam Levine.

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Josh West
Blind Audition – “Ordinary World” (March 6)
This lanky seventeen-year-old from Glendale, AZ was the last act on this episode and and sang the 1993 Duran Duran hit “Ordinary World,” which is seven years older than he is. All four judges quickly hit their buttons and each made a strong case as to why this teen talent should pick them. In the end he went with Levine as they share similar tastes in music.

Battle Round: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” vs. Nala Price (March 21)
We didn’t see the full battle between these two. Rather, there was just a short snippet of them singing this 1985 No. 1 for the English new wave band Tears for Fears. West had found success in his blind audition with “Ordinary World.” That song was a hit for Duran Duran, another English band that made it big in the 1980s. He was deemed the winner of this match-up by Levine. Poor Price did not rate a steal from any of the other coaches.

Knockout Round: vs. Johnny Hayes (April 3)
Hayes had a good time with Blind Willie McTell‘s 1928 blues song “Statesboro Blues,” which had been a hit for The Allman Band in 1971. Levine had warned him to make sure that we could hear every word of the lyrics and he tried hard to deliver on his promise to do so. West went with “Carry On Wayward Son,” the 1977 hit for rock band Kansas. Under the guidance of his coach, West worked on structuring the tune so that it built to a climax and on the night, he wowed all the coaches with his powerhouse performance.

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