‘The Voice’ poll: Is the best advisor Luke Bryan, Celine Dion, DJ Khaled or John Legend?

The battles round for Season 12 of “The Voice” kicked off on March 20 and 21 with the artists on the teams of coaches Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton squaring off in head-to-head matches with only one moving on. Helping the coaches prepare their artists for the round are four close friends of theirs, each bringing their own industry expertise with them to share with the young performers.

Next week the guest advisors will lend their expertise to the remaining artists on each team, so we want to know which one you think is doing the best job. Read our synopsis of each of the four guest advisors and then take the poll below to weigh in on your personal favorite. And read our analysis of each of the battle rounds for Monday, March 20, and Tuesday, March 21.

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John Legend – Team Adam

Of the four Season 12 advisors, John Legend has the broadest experience across multiple industries. He’s a 10-time Grammy winner and recently followed up his 2015 Oscar win with a supporting actor performance in “La La Land.” For the artists, Legend knows what it takes to build a genre-defying, multi-faceted career in the industry. As a singer-songwriter typically of love songs closely connected to his own life, he knows how to draw on passion and intimacy in performances.

Celine Dion – Team Gwen

Celine Dion is as big of a star as it gets, especially to the younger artists that make up Gwen’s team. Dion’s celebrity status speaks for itself and in terms of talent there’s few comparisons to be made to her vocal ability. But what makes her such a great advisor this season is the genuine excitement and zest for life that she brings to each of the sessions. Dion has an infectious high energy personality that impresses and inspires.

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DJ Khaled – Team Alicia

As advisor, DJ Khaled brings to the table what is lost when Pharrell Williams is absent from the season. As a record producer, Khaled knows song arrangement, tempo and audience appeal perhaps better than any of the other advisors or coaches. Khaled is used to working with vocal artists in closed-door sessions, an atmosphere not that different from the battle round rehearsals. Working with Khaled gives the artists invaluable experience about what it’s like to be in a studio working collaboratively with the people that help create a song from the ground up.

Luke Bryan – Team Blake

When it comes to contemporary country music, no artist is bigger than Luke Bryan. He was named Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2015 and nominated again last year. For the predominantly country artists on Team Blake, Bryan adds to the wealth of advice that Blake can offer about the inner workings of the industry in Nashville. As an advisor, Bryan’s demeanor is calm and focused, he zeroes in on each artist and stresses the need of connecting with the audience, something as important to country performances as the lyrics and voice.

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