‘The Voice’ Night 3 power rankings: Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson continue to dominate and pick up best 4-chair artists

The blind auditions for Season 13 of “The Voice” returned Monday night and the women continued to dominate. Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson reeled in the best artists for Night 3 to their teams for the second week in a row, leaving series veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton eating dust. Can the guys catch up to the girls in the coming weeks or have Miley or Jennifer already picked up this season’s eventual champion?

Check out my take on the strength of Monday night’s performances below, where I’ve power ranked the 11 artists from best to worst. Then take a look back at our live blog from Monday night week 2 with minute-by-minute analysis as well as those from Monday night and Tuesday night during week 1.

1. Moriah Formica – “Crazy on You” (Age: 16; Latham, NY)
Once again, Miley scores the best artist of the night right from under Adam’s nose. Adam referred to Moriah as the “next great female rock voice” and while that might be a huge statement I’m not fully prepared to echo, I think she is well on her way to living up to it. The key for her going forward will be to continue choosing songs that match the power and impact of this one. Chair turns: 4; Team: Miley.

2. Davon Fleming – “Me & Mr. Jones” (Age: 25; Baltimore, MD)
Davon was the only other four chair turn of the night and like Moriah he earned it. Not only did he completely slay his audition, but when Jennifer got on stage to duet “I Will Always Love You” with him, he held his own and showed that he can stand on stage as a peer to the best. Chair turns: 4; Team: Jennifer.

3. Noah Mac – “Way Down We Go” (Age: 17; Dublin, CA)
Blake has been pretty successful coaching young female artists, but has had trouble taking a young male all the way. He’ll have a good chance this season if he can keep Noah, a handsome, charismatic and soulful teenager, on his team through the Battle and Knockout rounds. Chair turns: 2; Team: Blake

4. Adam Cunningham – “Midnight Rider” (Age: 38; Nashville, TN)
What makes Adam so dangerous is that male country-soul artists have always made really deep runs in other seasons and with Blake, the winningest coach of the series, behind him he has an even bigger head start. As long as he keeps singing rich, soulful songs I think Adam could coast through to the live shows easily. Chair turns: 2; Team: Blake.

5. Adam Pearce – “Hot Blooded” (Age: 31; New Orleans, LA)
Everything I said about Adam Cunningham is also true of Adam Pearce, except that Adam Levine has less series wins than Blake. That being said, Adam and Adam have just as strong of a chance bringing in the solid block of voters that fall hard for the 30-something guy wearing jeans and singing ballads. Chair turns: 2; Team: Adam.

6. Hannah Mrozak – “Starving” (Age: 18; Richfield, WI)
One of the voices I liked the best belongs to Hannah, but her pure pop sound hasn’t always hit big with the voting audience. The trick for Hannah will be making sure she can put on a show as big and memorable as anything the rock guys throw together. Adam is a daring coach, especially when it comes to song choice, so I think they could give us something really special if given the chance. Chair turns: 3; Team: Adam.

7. Addison Agen – “Jolene” (Age: 16; Fort Wayne, IN)
Addison is really strong, but it worries me that only two judges turned their chairs for her. Whether her youth plays a part in her ability to withstand the competition remains to be seen, and to be honest worries me a little because she’ll be up against more seasoned artists in the Battle and Knockout rounds. Chair turns: 2; Team: Miley.

8. Shilo Gold – “Stay with Me Baby” (Age: 26; Denver, CO)
Like Addison, Shilo joined Team Miley because of the kinship she sensed with her coach. The similarity in styles could be a good thing, but more often than not I think it curbs any initiative to take risks in song choice and/or style. That being said, Shilo’s biggest hurdle will be convincing America that her raspy voice is worthy of their vote and the win. Chair turns: 2; Team: Miley.

9. Kathrina Feigh – “Big White Room” (Age: 24; Manila, Philippines)
There’s no denying that Kathrina is a remarkable singer, but as solid as her vocal ability is her performance still left something to be desired. I think she could easily be a powerhouse pop vocalist, but to be that she’ll need Jennifer to help her find the right songs and perfect styling and staging to make it believable. Chair turns: 2; Team: Jennifer.

10. Samantha Rios – “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” (Age: 16; Arlington, VA)
To be fair, while Jennifer seemed legitimately regretful that she didn’t turn her chair for Samantha, but the fact remains that her delivery was inconsistent and her performance never rose to the level of her high energy introduction clip. Chair turns: 0.

11. Myles Frost – “My Cheire Amour” (Age: 17; Washington, D.C.)
Some of the toughest auditions to watch are the ones where young artists are noticeably nervous and, in Myles case, also chose the absolute wrong song to make a good first impression. Myles has the tools to be a great artist, but he needs to return to the drawing board and figure out what type of artist he wants to be first. Chair turns: 0.

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