‘The Voice’ power rankings: Who will be Season 12 champion for Team Adam Levine?

On Season 12 of “The Voice,” Adam Levine is hunting his fourth win as series coach, now two behind Blake Shelton’s five trophies. Heading into next week’s knockouts, Adam competes with a team as varied as any in his past seasons so it will be interesting to see how his influence on the artists takes hold in the next few stages. Below are my power rankings of the eight artists that will perform on Team Adam in the next round. He will only be able to keep four of these singers and steal one artist away from another coach.

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My power rankings for all eight members of Team Adam are below:

1. Johnny Hayes (Audition – “Try a Little Tenderness”; Battle – “Hard to Handle”)
As a coach, Adam’s safe zone is picking artists that are already at the top of their game and need very little direction. This season Johnny is that artist for Adam, and I expect that he’ll do very well if left to his own choices. Johnny’s vibe is on point and feels authentic in every way. Furthermore, Johnny’s style is exactly what does well on “The Voice” — soulful rock songs with high energy and heavy on personality. I’ll take a risk and say I think Johnny is an early frontrunner to make the finals.

2. Mark Isaiah (Audition – “Mercy”; Battle – “Pillowtalk”)
I really, really like Mark and I think if he and Adam continue to choose the right songs that he’s going to be tough to beat when put in front of the voting audience. He feels the most current of all the artists in the competition and as a young artist is already clear about what direction he wants to go in. Giving me shades of Justin Bieber and Zayn, Mark could put out a record today and fit right into the urban pop market.

3. Josh West (Audition – “Ordinary World”; Battle – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”)
Josh is an early fan favorite for many reasons, not least of which is his really good voice, but I have a feeling it’s mostly due to the nostalgia of his 90s throwback point of view. For this show, Josh is like nothing we’ve seen before because his style exists in such a narrow lane and that makes him truly exciting. My concern is that it all just amounts to a schtick and that the schtick is going to wear thin quicker than we think. He seems like a wild card contestant for me still.

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4. Autumn Turner (Audition – “Last Dance”; Battle – “Killing Me Softly with His Song”)
Autumn’s blind audition of “Last Dance” was one of the stand-outs for me because it was fun and risky and unexpected and she completely knocked it out of the park. I’m a little less enthusiastic about her performance during the battles round and she rightfully lost that match-up, but I’m glad Adam stole her from Team Alicia because I think there’s more tricks up Autumn’s sleeves that we have yet to experience.

5. Jesse Larson (Audition – “Jealous Guy”; Battle – “Shameless”)
Of all Adam’s artists, Jesse is perhaps the most deserving of the title “artist” because he not only sings, but he is on stage playing his own music as well. While we’ve seen artists like him many times before in past seasons, there aren’t many like him this time around and that gives him an edge. I’m not blown away by anything he’s done so far, but Jesse isn’t the type of artist that is ever going to have a bad week and that makes him a true dark horse.

6. Davina Leone (Audition – “Cheap Thrills”; Battle – “In the Night”)
Davina is an interesting choice for Adam to steal from Team Gwen because I don’t remember her blind audition being particularly great and the battle performance was underwhelming, too. But I think Adam is drawn to the raspy quality to Davina’s voice that tips her to the rock side of the pop genre which is the kind of music Adam makes for himself. I put Davina in the middle of Adam’s pack because I don’t think I’ve seen anything good or bad enough to tip her toward either end of the scale yet.

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7. Hanna Eyre (Audition – “Blank Space”; Battle – “Try”)
As one of the youngest artists this season, Hanna probably has the least amount of experience performing on stage in front of crowds and, sadly, it shows. Hanna is the typical “has a great voice for her age” contestant because she really does have a great voice, but her age feels like a hurdle to jump over rather than an asset.

8. Malik Davage (Audition – “Sure Thing”; Battle – “Love Me Now”)
It was difficult to watch Malik stumble so much in his battle round because he showed a lot of promise in his blind audition and I think Adam was really excited to work with him. But I’ve never seen a coach speak so bluntly about how poorly two artists were performing during rehearsals than I did with Malik and his opponent. For that reason it’s hard to imagine that Malik could do anything to convince Adam to advance him any further in the competition.

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