‘The Voice’ power rankings: Which Team Adam Levine singer will win Season 12?

Despite having a team dominated by male vocalists, Adam Levine’s group of artists is actually rather diverse. For his eight male and four female singers, he’ll be working with a pair of female country artists, a 90s music enthusiast, a handful of young R&B vocalists, and artists in his wheelhouse of rock and soul. On Monday, March 20, the battle rounds of “The Voice” Season 12 will kick off, so which of Adam’s 12 artists will win the championship for Season 12? Will he take the coaching title for the fourth time over rivals Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Gwen Stefani?

It’s likely that Adam will pit artists with similar styles against each other in the battles in order to maintain the diversity of genres on his team going forward. But the big question mark is what the gender breakdown of the artists he advances will be. Below are my full power rankings of Team Adam following their blind audition performances. While the top half is dominated by his male contenders, it’s a female that I think stands his best shot at a win.

Take our poll below and tell us who you think has the best chance to be the latest winner. Tour our new photo gallery above to see more details about all dozen singers. Click here for our analysis of Team Gwen Stefani, Team Alicia Keys and Team Blake Shelton.

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1. Sheena Brook – “Baby Girl” (Age 33; Fort Myers Beach, FL)
Sheena is an aspiring country star that has also worked in the rock and hip hop genres throughout her small town career. Adam has always wanted to beat Blake at his own game by coaching a country artist to a win. Because Sheena brings with her the influences of styles that Adam knows a lot about, I think this is his best chance to achieve his goal. If Adam puts as much effort into making Sheena his best artist as I think he will, then Blake, Gwen and Alicia better watch out!

2. Johnny Hayes – “Try a Little Tenderness” (Age 29; Mobile, AL)
Johnny gave the rare blinds performance that I think could have been a successful performance in one of the later rounds — it was simply that good. He has the stage presence, the quality of voice and the looks that will propel him deep into the competition. I’m gonna call it now — he’ll be in the finals.

3. Mark Isaiah – “Mercy” (Age 19; Mount Pocono, PA)
The thing I really like about Mark is that he never attempted a vocal beat that he knew he couldn’t reach, he kept his performance in his comfort zone and sailed through it smoothly. The obvious comparison is to Justin Bieber, both in ability and style, and I think that could bode well for his chances of pulling in lots of votes.

4. Josh West – “Ordinary World” (Age 17; Glendale, AZ; four-chair turn)
Josh, a huge 90s fan despite being a young artist, was able to get all four judges to fight hard for him after an epic first performance. I think what excited Adam about Josh is the chance to work with an artist in a genre that the show has seen very little of in the past. I have to agree — there’s a lot of potential for Josh to be a strong contender.

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5. Kawan DeBose – “Let’s Get It On” (Age 30; Miami, FL)
Kawan is a total showman. You can tell he’s comfortable on stage and likes to perform for an audience. His soulful, crowd-pleasing performance earned turns from everyone except Alicia who fought hard to get Kawan to choose Adam. If Kawan continues to sing with passion and intensity he’ll be a showstopper.

6. Jesse Larson – “Jealous Guy” (Age 34; Minneapolis, MN)
Surprisingly Jesse only managed to get one turn during his blind audition despite the fact that his deep soul, rock voice is a style that has proven very successful in recent seasons. Jesse is clearly a musician that knows what he’s doing, so I think we can expect at least one big performance from him in the next few rounds.

7. Gaby Borromeo – “Happy” (Age 22; New York, NY)
Gaby has a raspy texture to her voice that she put to great use in the verses while building to a booming chorus. Adam thinks Gaby could win the season, and while I don’t necessarily disagree, I think it’ll take a fair amount of work for her to remain consistent week to week without giving performances that feel repetitive.

8. Malik Davage – “Sure Thing” (Age 23, Washington, D.C.)
Malik should have earned more chair turns than the one he got from Adam, but even so I think Adam is the perfect choice for him. Malik’s voice fits so perfectly in with contemporary R&B music, and Adam is the coach that will trust Malik to continue to make his own choices.

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9. Hanna Eyre – “Blank Space” (Age 15; Laguna Niguel, CA)
Hanna is so young! And to be honest her performance suffers because of her lack of confidence on the stage, but she has a great voice for her age and could really benefit from Adam’s complimentary but critical style of coaching.

10. Taylor Alexander – “Believe” (Age 25; Flowery Branch, GA)
Taylor is one of the more interesting country singers we’ve seen on the show because he used to be in a punk band and chose to sing a Cher song for his audition. I think his willingness to go down unexpected roads is going to be Taylor’s strongest asset as he competes on Team Adam, but he has to be careful to not let that be a crutch.

11. Julien Martinez – “Pride and Joy” (Age 21; Oxnard, CA)
Julien’s bobbing and gyrating on stage was a little awkward for my taste, but his voice has a nice bit of contemporary sounding Elvis stuff that could actually be fun to hear more of. It’ll be interesting to see whether Adam can help Julien find the right stage presence to give his performances a little more sense of cool.

12. Nala Price – “Send My Love (to Your New Lover)” (Age 17; Sebring, FL)
Both Gwen and Adam turned their chairs quickly for Nala, but I think they may have jumped the gun on that because Nala’s voice is actually pretty uneven. She began the song much better than she finished and I’m not sure the inconsistency is something she can fix quickly enough to last long in the competition.

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