‘The Voice’: Josh West vs. Nala Price battle was most missed say 49% of readers

One of the most compelling components of “The Voice” is the battle round in which coaches have to select two of their artists to sing the same song and choose one of them to take on to the knockout round. Each of the four coaches — Adam Levine, Alicia KeysBlake Shelton and Gwen Stefani — can throw two losers of other battles lifelines and take them on-board their team.

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While we saw all six battles in full on last Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” last Tuesday’s edition short-changed viewers by denying them the chance to see three of these match-ups. We didn’t get to watch the performances that won over the coaches. Sure, none of the artists who went down to defeat were stolen by any of the other coaches. But it would have been fun to see the whole song, hear the critiques of the coaches in full and judge for ourselves.

We asked you which of these three battles did you most want to see in full? Your top pick, with 49% of the vote, was the one in which Levine pitted Josh West against Nala Price on the song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

Below are the vote counts and recaps for each of the three battles. If you haven’t voted in our poll yet, be sure to do so at the bottom of this post and also sound off in the comments section.

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Team Adam: Josh West v Nala Price – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”: 49%
West and Price looked evenly matched in the short snippet of them singing this 1985 No. 1 for the English new wave band Tears for Fears. West had found success in his blind audition with “Ordinary World.” That song was a hit for Duran Duran, another English band that made it big in the 1980s. This lanky seventeen-year-old from Glendale, AZ had all four judges quickly hit their buttons and each made a strong case as to why this teen talent should pick them. In the end he went with Adam as they share similar tastes in music. On Tuesday, Levine returned the favor by taking him through to the knockout round.

Poor Price did not rate a steal from any of the other three coaches, including Stefani who had liked her enough in the blind audition to turn alongside Levine. Back then, this 17-year-old from Sebring, FL had impressed with her version of the Adele song “Send My Love (to Your New Lover),” a track from the 2015 Grammy-winning album “25.”

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Team Gwen: Aaliyah Rose vs. Savannah Leighton – “Treat You Better”: 22%
Again, viewers were denied more than a few seconds of these two artists singing this 2016 Shawn Mendes pop hit. “The Voice” producers should have listened to the lyrics and treated them better. Stefani went with Rose, the 14-year-old talent from Provo, UT, who had impressed only her in the blind audition with her rendition of Andra Day‘s 2015 soul song “Cheers to the Fall.” And with no coach throwing her a lifeline, 16-year-old Leighton, who had won over both Stefani and Shelton in the blind auditions with Katy Perry‘s 2013 hit “Unconditionally,” was gone for good.

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Team Blake: Andrea Thomas vs. Micah Tryba – “What Hurts the Most”: 27%
What hurts the most about this match-up was not seeing much of it. In the teaser clip, Thomas and Tryba looked equally good as they crooned this 2005 hit for the Rascal Flatts. This was the second time in a row that we were cheated of a chance to see Thomas sing a whole song. She had Shelton turning in the blind auditions with her take on “Baby Now That I’ve Found You,” a 1967 pop hit for The Foundations.

Tryba had charmed both Shelton and Stefani in the blind audition with her performance of Chaka Khan‘s 1987 anthem “I’m Every Woman.” However, after Shelton sided with Thomas in the battle, Stefani did not use her remaining steal to take Tryba on to the knockout. And with neither Levine nor Keys coming to her rescue, she left the competition.

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