‘The Voice’ Season 13: Will blind audition fireworks of Tuesday’s Episode 2 be memorable? [UPDATING LIVE]

It was immediate fireworks for Monday’s return of “The Voice” with four-chair turns to begin and end the two-hour premiere. Will Tuesday’s second episode be just as memorable? Enjoy our minute-by-minute “The Voice” recap below covering the entire hour of Episode 2 for Season 13. NBC’s Emmy-winning program is now in the blind auditions round. The reality TV show continues through battle rounds, knockouts, and live shows with an all-star live finale on December 19.

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are back again for this fall season, having never missed a cycle since the show began in 2011. Joining them are pop superstar Miley Cyrus, who was also a coach a year ago in fall, 2016. Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson joins the panel for the first time in America (she was a winning judge on the British version). Reigning coaching champ Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani are both taking a break from the series. Shelton has been the winning mentor five times in the first dozen seasons. Levine has taken the trophy three times. The other coaching champs were Usher, Pharrell Williams, and Christina Aguilera.

All blind audition episodes and many of the other non-live programs have already been recorded in advance of airing on NBC. Battle round advisors for each of the coaches will be Joe Jonas (Team Adam), Rascal Flatts (Team Blake), Billy Ray Cyrus (Team Miley), and Kelly Rowland (Team Jennifer).

And now, let’s jump in with our recap of Tuesday’s blind auditions. Sound off in the comments section about the reality TV show’s best and worst moments. Keep refreshing/reloading this page as we’ll be updating live.

8:00 p.m. – On Monday’s two-hour premiere Jennifer snagged three artists for her team while the others each picked up a pair. The exciting blind auditions continue now with Tuesday’s one-hour episode. Who will be tonight’s most memorable four-chair turn? And which coach will they choose?

8:06 p.m. – Keisha Renee is the first to perform. Hoping to change the face of country music, the African-American backup singer for Nicki Minaj belted out “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Blake gave his seal of approval by turning around first! Adam and Jennifer quickly followed and eventually Miley joined them. All four judges jumped to their feet.

8:10 p.m. – Adam said Keisha sounded like an artist with Jennifer’s voice, doing a Blake Shelton song, with Miley’s style. So where does that leave him? Jennifer asked her what genre she wants to focus on and Keisha replied country/pop/soul, in that order. Miley refused to let Blake have Keisha without a fight, revealing that she was born in Nashville and knows how to blend country and pop music. But Keisha chose….Blake! It was a smart choice. Blake is loyal to his original artists, especially if they have something unique to offer.

8:19 p.m.Dylan Gerard, a nurse’s assistant, was up next singing “Say You Won’t Let Go.” He has a nice voice, but there isn’t anything unique about it. Somehow he managed to convince both Adam and Jennifer to turn around. Adam thought his subtlety was special. Jennifer thinks he has potential, but she didn’t think he was singing in the right key. She had him take it up a half-step before rushing the stage and giving him pointers on how to transition between notes. Annoyed, Adam basically argued that “he is a dude” so he knows how to coach him. That was all it took apparently, Dylan chose Adam!

8:25 p.m. – Maharasyi Hansa is the daughter of Indonesian immigrants whose aunt is an iconic pop star they call the “Whitney Houston of Indonesia.” Before she stepped on the stage, she hinted that she would probably pick Miley if she had the choice. Let’s see what she does!

8:30 p.m. – With a soulful rendition of “Tell Me Something Good,” Maharasyi first convinced Jennifer to turn around before Miley followed. The performance wasn’t perfect, but it was solid. Her beauty and stage presence won’t hurt her chances moving forward. Jennifer commented that she shied away from the big note and challenged her to hit it by saying, “if you can think it, you can sing it.” She then went for it, but was a little sharp. Oh well, Jennifer still gave her credit and it paid off. Maharasyi chose Jennifer!

8:40 p.m. – Marlo Wells is 61 years old and if he advances, he would be the oldest to do so on “The Voice.” His father sang for artists like Smokey Robinson and Mary Wells on the Motown label but sadly passed away. Despite his age, Marlo picked a contemporary pop song with “Love Me Now.” The coaches seem conflicted about whether or not they should turn. In the end, unfortunately none of them did. It’s sad to see an older artist’s dream take a hit like that. Jennifer said she was ashamed she didn’t turn. Miley commented that she hopes he will come back another season.

8:48 p.m. – Red Marlow is “as country as cornbread” and works in construction now after years of singing demos in Nashville. This guy has a lot of personality and I can already tell he could be a dark horse in this competition. He chose the song “Swingin'” and you can tell he is a seasoned performer. His vocal was pretty straight forward, but was enough to convince Blake and Miley to turn around. Adam and Jennifer sat this one out.

8:50 p.m. – Miley is pleading with Red to join her team. She wants to win “The Voice” with a country artist. Red then tells Blake that they had actually met before, to which Adam interjected, “does everyone in the South know each other?” Miley continued to fight, but Blake told Red to “do the right thing.” Red appreciated what Miley had to say, but once again, Blake proved it is difficult to pry a country artist away from him. Red chose Blake!

8:55 p.m. – Ashland Craft is a spunky “Honky Tonk” singer who is hoping “The Voice” will give her the opportunity to achieve her small-town dreams. She sang the Chris Stapleton version of “You are my Sunshine,” which is full of grit and soul, with a country twang. She’s full of confidence and is oozing with potential. Blake, Miley and Adam all turned around, but Jennifer apparently wasn’t as enthused as them (or me). Will this be the country artist Miley can finally steal from Blake?

8:59 p.m. – Miley is fighting hard, hoping she can turn Ashland into a punk-rock Dolly Parton. I think she said the same thing to someone else before. She also said she covered the same song on her tour, actually dressed as a sunshine. Blake said there hasn’t been a voice like Ashland’s on country radio since Gretchen Wilson. Adam made a lame point that people would be more interested in seeing her with him as her coach because it would be so wrong, it’s right. Torn, Ashland eventually chose Miley! Miley could barely contain her excitement. Blake told Miley “you have destroyed that young girl’s future.” Miley and Ashland will be a pair to watch this season!

9:00 p.m. – That’s it for tonight! Tune in to “The Voice” Monday, October 2 on NBC when the blind auditions continue.

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