‘The Voice’ Season 13 power rankings: Monday’s Night 3 of the battle round performances from best to worst

The 13th season of “The Voice” continued Monday with the third night of battles where each coach pits one of their artists against another and selects only one to move forward with on their team. In this round, the eliminated artists are immediately up for grabs from the other coaches, each of whom has two steals available to them over the course of the battles. Each coach has their own ideas of what artists are ideal picks for their teams, which means sometimes artists deserving of a spot in the next round may actually be eliminated. With that in mind, in this round we’re assessing each individual performance on its own merits and ranking them from best to worst for each episode.

Below, check out my full power rankings of all Monday’s Night 3 battle performances below, and then take a look at our lists for last Night 1 and Night 2. As always, sound off in the comments and let us know which artists are your faves and whether or not the coaches made the right decisions this week!

1. Janice Freeman – “W.O.M.A.N.” (Team Miley; won battle)
Janice was the true breakthrough for me this week, vaulting from the middle of the pack on Miley’s really strong team straight to the top. Whether it had to do with Miley finding the right song for this battle or not, I think Janice showed she can give the type of performance that knocks audiences off their feet and leaves an impression. If they can continue to create moments for Janice, I think we have a new contender for the win.

2. Jon Mero – “I Wish It Would Rain” (Team Adam; won battle)
What Jon brings to a performance is nothing short of complete–his voice is dynamic, he’s confident on stage and he makes a song totally his own. In keeping him, Adam said that he thinks Jon can go really far and that there’s a lot still to explore in their partnership and I couldn’t agree more. Jon is going to do really well with Adam’s loose, brotherly way of mentoring his more seasoned artists so this is a perfect match.

3. Karli Webster – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” (Team Miley; won battle)
The second Karli opened with the first couple lines I was blown away. In her blind audition she took on something more pop-folk while here the more country elements of her voice came out and I really enjoyed them. If she can continue to be a versatile performer I think she’ll expand her fan base and do really, really well.

4. Katrina Rose – “W.O.M.A.N.” (Team Miley; stolen by Jennifer)
Katrina’s blind audition didn’t make the show (she was shown in a montage cut) so to finally she her on stage for the full length of a song, and against one of Miley’s best artists no less, was a great moment for her. She brought passion, fight and unhinged power while maintaining the quality and depth of her voice. I think soul is a great jumping off point for Katrina, but after adopting a new “outside the box” mentality and joining Jennifer’s team I hope that they continue to surprise and surpass expectations together.

5. Brandon Brown – “I Wish It Would Rain” (Team Adam; eliminated)
Brandon was paired against the singer I thought was the best on Adam’s team prior to the start of the battle round. I love Brandon’s voice and on this track the soul and smoothness of it took center stage. He inhabited the song so perfectly, but unfortunately just couldn’t compete with the acrobatics of Jon’s abilities. It’s a shame the other judges couldn’t find a spot on their teams for him.

6. Red Marlow – “Fishin’ in the Dark” (Team Blake; won battle)
In rehearsals, Red was worried that his opponent, Ryan, was a better stage performer than him, but when it came to the battle I think Red was actually the more interesting artist to watch. On top of that, he was more consistent in the vocal so it was an easy decision for Blake to make. That being said, when you compare Red to some of the other artists in the competition he’s not as memorable.

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7. Stephan Marcellus – “Oh! Darling” (Team Jennifer; stolen by Miley)
Stephan redeemed himself this week after his stumble during the blind auditions. This time he was in full control of the song and worked the stage like it was his own, but it all never felt authentic to me. Instead it seemed like he was playing the part of a star rather than showing that he innately is one. It’ll be interesting to see if Miley can find a better song for Stephan in his next outing.

8. Addison Agen – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” (Team Miley; stolen by Adam)
I wasn’t as taken with Addison’s interpretation of Cyndi Lauper as the judges were, but both Jennifer and Adam jumped at the chance to steal her from Miley so there’s definitely something there. I think what she lacks in power she makes up for in uniqueness–her truly throw-back vibe is instantly memorable and provides a space for her to occupy that no other artist in the show can or does.

9. Shi’Ann Jones – “Oh! Darling” (Team Jennifer; won battle)
As a 15 year old, Shi’Ann’s inexperience showed in how uncomfortable she looked on stage, especially compared to Stephan who was owning the stage. But Shi’Ann’s voice is deep, rich and unique and can reach notes at the bottom and top of her register with equal grace. Going forward I think Jennifer should give Shi’Ann a more youthful song in the hopes that it makes her a more relaxed and natural performer.

10. Michael Kight – “I Feel It Coming” (Team Adam; eliminated)
In every sense, Michael deserved to win his battle against Anthony. Yet, because Michael isn’t the most exciting personality this season I can understand why Adam was hesitant to bring him further in the competition. He handled the song professionally and sounded good, but there’s no way he would have made it through one week of the live shows without turning it up a notch.

11. Anthony Alexander – “I Feel It Coming” (Team Adam; won battle)
Anthony has a really great voice, but as a viewer it’s hard to separate it from his awkwardness on stage. He seemed to be in his head throughout the song and though it didn’t have a negative impact on his delivery, it makes you wonder how great he will be once he grows into a more confident artist. I guess the potential is why Adam chose him in the battle–I’m just not sold that he’s going to reach that potential over the course of this season.

12. Ryan Scripps – “Fishin’ in the Dark” (Team Blake; eliminated)
Being paired against Red, a more seasoned and trained performer, did Ryan no favors–he started the song on shaky ground and never really recovered. I expected a more exciting performance from him, and maybe being behind the guitar held him back, but we were left with a meh performance and a meh vocal.

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