‘The Voice’ Season 13 power rankings: Tuesday’s Night 2 of the battle round performances from best to worst

The battle rounds continued on Tuesday’s episode of “The Voice” with six artists claiming victory, five going home and just one earning a highly coveted steal. Coaches Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus paired two of their own artists against each other and chose one to move on to the next round. The eliminated artists were then put up for grabs, hoping to continue their journeys with the help of another coach. In the battle rounds, the artists duet on a single song to prove they not only stand out on stage, but are able to harmonize with another singer.

On this second night of battles, it was Team Blake that had the slight upper-hand with the most competitive showdown of the night, leading Adam to use his first steal. Check out my full power rankings of all Tuesday’s Night 2 battle performances below, sorted from best to worst.

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1. Mitchell Lee – “Mr. Jones” (Team Blake; won battle)
I’ve given Mitchell some tough commentary throughout the competition thus far, but with this performance he proved that I’m just cynical, snarky and judgmental. Perhaps I’m tired of the traditional hunk who just stands behind a guitar while audiences “Ooo” and “Aah” over their sub-par vocals. But I have to hand it to Mitchell, who not only has charisma to spare, but legitimately won his battle with his voice. I have no doubt that if there was live voting in this round he would have won the night.

2. Davon Fleming – “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (Team Jennifer; won battle)
Davon is a preacher who declared Whitney Houston was his second mother after he tore the house down with his blind audition. One can only imagine he was salivating when he found out he would get to wrap his voice around one of the diva’s classic #1 hits in the battle round. He did not disappoint vocally, traveling up and down the scale with his buttery tone. That being said, he didn’t wow me because this uptempo song was a welcome opportunity to show off his charisma as a performer and he fell flat.

3. Dennis Drummond – “Mr. Jones” (Team Blake; stolen by Adam)
Although he lost this battle to Mitchell, Dennis came out a winner by earning the night’s only steal. The 6’8 guitarist has a unique sense of style that naturally draws attention to him. With the right coaching from Adam, Dennis has an opportunity to come out of his shell and prove he deserves to be in the spotlight. His likable personality will only take him so far. The time for him to start shining is now.

4. Hannah Mrozak – “Cold Water” (Team Adam; won battle)
The warm tone of this pop singer serves as potential for her moving forward. During her battle it took her a moment to warm up, but once she did she showed some range that should be taken seriously. Hannah is someone who could be a diamond in the rough, the question is how long will it take to polish her? Her solid performance earned her a win in the battle, but I have a feeling she will have to take it up another notch to make it past the next round.

5. Chloe Kohanski – “I Am Woman” (Team Miley; won battle)
The majority of Chloe’s performance was left on the cutting room floor so i can only push her up the rankings for Tuesday night based on her blind audition. Unlike blind auditions, the editors opting out of airing a battle doesn’t mean the end of the road is necessarily near for an artist. Perhaps she won in a landslide. Or maybe the chemistry between her and her duet partner, Ilianna Viramontes, just wasn’t that interesting. Either way, I’m not ready to count this firecracker from Team Miley out just yet.

6. Esera Tuaolo – “This I Promise You” (Team Blake; won battle)
Esera was the second winning artist of the night whose battle round was chopped. I do think Blake has an affinity for this former NFL star and I still believe Esera offers something unique on Team Blake. He has a lot of power behind his voice and a fun backstory. But at 49 years old, will Blake give him a chance?

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7. Dylan Gerard – “Doctor My Eyes” (Team Adam; won battle)
Again, Dylan’s winning performance was not shown in full. But based on his blind audition, he’s slightly less interesting than the other two who are in the same boat this week. Whether he has what it takes to make a run on Team Adam remains to be seen. He’s an interesting musician who fits right in Adam’s wheelhouse, but I’m not sure it is at the level Adam had hoped. We will have to see what he brings to the knockouts.

8. Maharasyi – “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (Team Jennifer; eliminated)
Maharasyi looked stunning on the stage for this performance but never really got into the groove of the song. Davon simply overpowered her and she really didn’t stand a chance. By no means did she have a bad performance, it just simply didn’t go anywhere.

9. Brandon Showell – “Cold Water” (Team Adam; eliminated)
Brandon was a little off key at the start of this performance and appeared to suffer from nerves. He lost to a middle-of-the-road vocalist who isn’t a standout this season either, so it was no surprise he wasn’t stolen. He needs time to build up his confidence on stage in order to command it like one must to win “The Voice.”

10, 11, 12 [TIE]. Dave Crosby (Team Adam; eliminated); Rebecca Brunner (Team Blake; eliminated); Ilianna Viramontes (Team Miley; eliminated)
These three artists were not only sent packing, they weren’t even given the dignity of going out singing. All of them lost their battle rounds and their performances were cut from the episode.

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