‘The Voice’ Season 13: Team Adam Levine all 12 artists ranked from best to worst

Adam Levine‘s tenure as a coach onThe Voicespeaks for itself–he’s led three completely unique artists to the top spot in 12 seasons. Interestingly each of those wins has come four seasons apart, which statistically would mean that after Jordan Smith‘s win in Season 9, Adam is due for his fourth victory. As a mentor, Adam works best with singers who are already confident artists in their own right and can be trusted to be bold, risk-taking performers. In his current slate of artists, Adam has a handful of artists willing and able to claim the throne. Which, if any, will rise to the occasion?

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Take a look at our power rankings, from best to worst, for all 12 artists on Team Adam based on their blind audition performances and let us know in the comments if you think any of them have what it takes to win.

1. Jon Mero – “Versace on the Floor” (Age: 31; Atlanta, GA)
Jon is the type of artist that Adam usually does really well with on his team–he performs confidently, is self-assured and takes risks without having to be asked to. In that regard, Adam can just sit back, let Jon do his own thing and watch the votes pour in. I imagine there’s no way Adam lets Jon go home before the live shows so we’ll see whether his appearances in the Battle and Knockout rounds are on the same level as his Blind.

2. Adam Pearce – “Hot Blooded” (Age: 31; New Orleans, LA)
Adam’s personal style and music taste are the sweet spot for the show’s core audience. Time and time again we’ve seen male country-soul vocalists reach the finale, but usually they do so while a member of Blake’s team. Adam has been wanting to win with this type of artist for many seasons so it would be truly fitting if he finally does with an artist that shares his name!

3. Whitney Fenimore – “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Age: 28; Tulsa, OK)
In terms of winning “The Voice,” I think an artist has to be a really powerful singer, whether that means they have a voice that can belt out long notes or are as energetic and undeniable as a stage presence as Chris Blue was last season. Whitney does not strike me as powerful, but what she lacks there she makes up for in pure talent and what I sense is a willingness to experiment outside of her comfort zone.

4. Brandon Brown – “Georgia on My Mind” (Age: 19; The Bronx, NY)
I find Brandon’s reserved nature really appealing because it suggests that he’s serious about his craft and thoughtful about his decisions. “Georgia on My Mind” was a rather safe song for Brandon to sing, given his talent, so I can’t wait to see him branch out into something more current in the next few rounds to show that he is just as good working with contemporary music.

5. Emily Luther – “Summertime” (Age: 24; Woonsocket, RI)
We’ve seen Adam be a champion of female artists who have an appreciation for traditional jazz music so Emily has found the perfect home on his team. There’s no arguing that Emily is a great vocalist, but whether or not her genre is one that “The Voice” audience falls hard enough for to vote as the winner is another story.

6. Hannah Mrozak – “Starving” (Age: 18; Richfield, WI)
Personally, I like Hannah a lot, but as a pop artist how successful she’ll be on the show is entirely dependent on her song choice. The champion she most resembles is Alisan Porter who used song choice expertly, complementing her vocal ability with lyrics that felt personal, raw and passionate that allowed the audience to believe in her as an artist. Adam is usually good about letting artists be themselves, but I think Hannah might require more direction than others.

7. Michael Kight – “Sugar” (Age: 25; Dublin, GA)
You can see during Michael’s audition of Adam’s own song that Adam was taking the question of whether or not to turn around for him very seriously. But when Adam finally hits the button and sees Michael, an unarguably attractive guy not unlike Adam himself, that he’s happy because he knows exactly how appealing Michael will be to a bulk of the show’s audience. Talent-wise, I think Michael has room to grow and there’s no better coach than Adam who will know exactly how to foster the best aspects of his voice into something good.

8. Anthony Alexander – “Redbone” (Age: 17; Fontana, CA)
Anthony reminds me a lot of last season’s Mark Isaiah who was also a part of Team Adam. The key to Mark’s success was staying in his lane as a young male artist and choosing songs that appeal to that demographic’s audience. Doing so he was able to save himself from elimination on the live episodes. If Adam develops a similar plan for Anthony, keeping the focus on his target audience, then he could do fairly well.

9. Dave Crosby – “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” (Age: 30; Seattle, WA)
Because of his daughter’s YouTube fame, Dave has a brand awareness already that not many of the other contestants have. The problem with that is I think people will remain more interested in his daughter’s voice than his own, which honestly I’m mostly indifferent about.

10. Gary Carpentier – “Home” (Age: 26; Liverpool, NY)
Last season, Chris Blue was the last blind audition and Alicia Keys was able to ride that wave with him all the way to the end. This season’s final audition from Gary was far less mind-blowing than Chris’ so I don’t expect him to win, but

11. Brandon Showell – “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (Age: 26; Virginia Beach, VA)
Unfortunately for Brandon, Adam has a few other artists on his team similar to his style, but with more talent. His blind audition may have earned three chair turns from the judges, but his song choice wasn’t great and his personality not as memorable as it needs to be in order to stand out from the pack.

12. Dylan Gerard – “Say You Won’t Let Go” (Age: 28; Macclenny, FL)
Whew forgive my frankness, but Dylan’s audition was one of the least memorable of the season. He’s awkward, unexciting and compared to his teammates the ability just isn’t up to par. Calling it now, he’s gone in the next round regardless of who Adam pits him against in the Battles.

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