‘The Voice’ Top 8 odds: Lauren Duski, Chris Blue and Hunter Plake are safe bets, but who will get the fourth spot in the finals?

The hardest cut in any season of “The Voice” is the semi-finals results show when a Top 8 ruthlessly becomes a Top 4, but no recent semi-finals elimination has felt as brutal as the one we’re set for this Tuesday night. Typically by this point in the competition a clear group of frontrunners has emerged, but the Top 8 of Season 12 are all insanely talented, and since the live playoffs began a few weeks ago each has had their own breakthrough performance worthy of a berth in the season’s finals next week.

Based on the combined overall predictions, three artists are virtual locks to make the finals — Lauren Duski on Team Blake Shelton seems the safest with 13/10 odds of winning. Right behind her is Hunter Plake (12/5 odds) on Team Gwen Stefani and Chris Blue (5/1 odds) on Team Alicia Keys. After those three, the guess at who will claim the fourth spot in the finals is a much tougher bet to place. Blake’s artist TSoul is currently ranked as the fourth most likely artist to win, but only by a slim 25/1 vs. 33/1 margin over Gwen’s Brennley Brown.

But predictors also have TSoul and Brennley facing possible elimination, giving TSoul second-ranked 10/3 odds and Brennley fourth-ranked 16/1 odds of not making the finals. Joining them in a predicted bottom 4 are Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson with first-ranked 21/20 odds and Blake’s Aliyah Moulden with third-ranked 12/1 odds. The only artist not appearing within the top 4 to win or the bottom 4 to be eliminated is Adam Levine‘s only artist left Jesse Larson — he ranks as the 6th most likely to be eliminated tonight, but has long shot 100/1 odds of winning. Does that mean Jesse is safe from tonight’s elimination and makes the top 4? If so, TSoul and Brennley are indeed in trouble.

Then, of course, there’s the iTunes bonuses to take into account. In past weeks these bonuses have clued us in to Lauren’s strength in the competition and this week she’s peaking at #1 on the chart. By the time of this writing Chris had reached #2 with his solo performance and #6 for his duet with Vanessa. Aliyah, predicted for elimination, has reached #7 with her solo meaning she may earn the 5x vote multiplier which could vault her from the bottom and in to that fourth position in the finals.

Who do YOU think will become the Top 4? Let us know who and why in the comments! Be sure to check out Denton Davidson‘s personal power rankings of Monday night’s performances and then update your own predictions in the next few hours before tonight’s semi-finals results are revealed.

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