‘The Voice’ Top 8 power rankings: Addison Agen reclaims her ‘Lucky’ spot at the top

We’re down to 8 artists in the competition to become the champion of NBC’s “The Voice” for Season 13. Brooke Simpson of Team Miley Cyrus became the week’s highest charting artist on iTunes, peaking at #2 with her soaring rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Behind her, but still coming in the top 10 and earning a 5x multiplier bonus were Chloe Kohanski (#4 with “Call Me”) and Keisha Renee (#10 with “All by Myself”) of Team Blake Shelton and Addison Agen (#5 with “Lucky”) of Team Adam Levine. Team Jennifer Hudson‘s highest charting artist was Noah Mac who reached #18 with “Ordinary World.”

During Tuesday night’s live results episode we learned that Blake would enter the semis as the strongest team with all three of his artists reaching the Top 8 based on America’s overnight vote while Jennifer had two artists, Davon Fleming and Shi’Ann Jones in the bottom three. Davon won the Instant Save, sending his teammate Shi’Ann home as well as Miley’s Ashland Craft.

Below, I rank this season’s remaining artists best to worst based on who I feel has the best chance to advance to the next round. Here are my full power rankings for the Top 8 artists leading into next week’s performances.

1. Addison Agen (Team Adam)
There is no denying that Addison’s performance of a stripped down Britney Spears classic this week was a stunner. I think she easily won the week in terms of creating something interesting, unique and mind-blowing. While artists as folk-oriented as her have not always done well on “The Voice,” I think Addison could be one of the best in that genre and her ability to take something as well known as “Lucky” and make it sound new and uniquely her own is an incredible skill. As much as I hate to say it (I deeply want Jennifer or Miley to win), I think we’re looking at another Adam vs. Blake match-up for this season’s win.

2. Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake)
Full disclosure, Chloe is my favorite artist this season. Not only does she sing songs that I personally love, but I think she is the most interesting and authentic artist when she’s on stage. In many ways she reminds me of last season’s winner, Chris Blue, because of how comfortable and effortless she is when she’s performing. Every time we watch her it’s like watching an established artist at their own concert. Chloe has had excellent song choice for the last two weeks and that’s helped her reach a new audience that has made her a frontrunner. One more perfect song choice and she could very well secure a win.

3. Brooke Simpson (Team Miley)
There is no denying that Brooke had a huge week and earned her spot as the highest charter on iTunes. My concern for her is that a lot of that success was based on the song choice and that even if she gives us a equally stunning vocal next week that without the perfect song it won’t be as big of a hit with voters. What could really help her though is that she’s Miley’s only artist left so any voters out there that want Miley to produce the winning artist will consolidate all of their votes on Brooke. Personally speaking, I’ve been predicting Miley to win for much of the season so I’d hate to see her not even have an artist in the finale.

4. Keisha Renee (Team Blake)
I’m expecting an all-female final 4 and the key to making that happen is Keisha. Of all the women left I think she’s in the weakest position–her performances week to week have been pretty uneven for me. The good news is that I think this week’s “All by Myself” was her absolute best of the season so if she can ride that wave through next week she could be the ticket Blake needs to get two artists into the finals.

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5. Red Marlow (Team Blake)
On any other season I’d say there’s no way Red misses the finals. He’s exactly the type of country artist that has always been successful on “The Voice,” but Miley’s female power attitude this season seems to have caught on with the audience and they’ve made it harder for Red to glide through. That being said, his base of voters is still there, still watching the show and with a really strong performance there is absolutely no reason why Red can’t earn a spot for a chance to sing again for the championship. I would love to see something big and orchestral from Red, putting a great vocal front and center rather than another expected traditional country performance.

6. Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer)
I was not high on Davon’s Monday night performance this week–he was shaky, the pitch was off and he just didn’t seem comfortable on stage. But his Instant Save performance on Tuesday’s results show was exactly what he needed to beat a very strong Ashland for the last spot in the semis. Had he performed that Monday, I think there’s a chance he wouldn’t have even had to sing for the save, but regardless it’s that performance that most of the audience will remember when it comes time to vote next Monday anyway. If any of the guys have to make the finals, I hope it’s Davon.

7. Noah Mac (Team Jennifer)
I’m probably on an island here, but as popular as Noah seems to be, I think every artist I ranked above him has more potential than him to bring a huge performance next week that can earn them a spot in the finals. Noah went very low key with his performance this week and I’m not sure that if he does something like that again that he can rank among the top 4. I think if Noah picks the right song–something popular, but also personal and heartfelt–that he could in fact prove me wrong and have the kind of knockout performance I think he needs to get into the finals.

8. Adam Cunningham (Team Adam)
Despite a surprising rise to safety this week, Adam is still in the weakest position in the Top 8 because he may have gained too little fans, too late. The other artists performing with him on Monday have been successful with their song choices and performances for the first three weeks of live shows and will be really hard to topple. Adam’s best chance is to stay in the vein of what he did this week and bring a high energy, classic country rock show to the stage.

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