‘The Voice’ Week 2: Our complete power rankings for all 17 artists on Nights 3 and 4

The blind auditions for Season 13 of “The Voice” continued Tuesday night with both Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine scoring a pair of artists for their respective teams. Jennifer Hudson snagged just one while Blake Shelton took home a giant goose egg on Night 4 of the Emmy-winning reality competition show.

With just one week of blind auditions remaining, Miley and Jennifer continue to have a stronghold on the most impressive artists. Is it too late for Blake and Adam to regain control of the competition they have dominated since Season 1? Take a look at my power rankings for all 17 artists that performed on Week 2 of “The Voice.” Then let us know who your favorite artists are in the comments section below.

1. Moriah Formica – “Crazy on You” (Age: 16; Latham, NY)
This rock protegee is an absolute animal on the stage who is gifted beyond her years. A teenager with this much poise in this genre is rare on “The Voice.” If Miley gives her a country song to put a rock spin on, watch iTunes explode!  Chair turns: 4; Team: Miley.

2. Davon Fleming – “Me & Mr. Jones” (Age: 25; Baltimore, MD)
Davon is a fearless SANGER worthy of a shoe thrown in his direction. This is an artist who will draw countless standing ovations throughout the season, but will his eccentricity turn some voters off? I can only hope it doesn’t. He’s a vocal beast.  Chair turns: 4; Team: Jennifer.

3. Adam Cunningham – “Midnight Rider” (Age: 38; Nashville, TN)
It has been proven time and time again that Americans love their country artists and they attract a fury of voters on “The Voice.” When one possesses soul and range like Adam? Forget about it! Adam will cruise to the live rounds and by pairing with Blake, he will contend for the title. Chair turns: 2; Team: Blake.

4. Karli Webster – “You’re So Vain” (Age 20; Santa Clarita, CA)
Adam told her that she has his favorite voice in the competition. That’s quite an endorsement coming from a three-time winning coach. Despite that, this classically trained musician went with Miley and I expect her to go far. If Miley lets her go at any point, expect Adam to scoop her up in a heartbeat. Chair turns: 2; Team: Miley.

5. Noah Mac – “Way Down We Go” (Age: 17; Dublin, CA)
I’m curious to see what direction Noah takes this season because I found his audition confusing. He has an interesting voice but is excessively overdramatic with his body movements. He might be the teen heartthrob of Season 13 but that type of artist has yet to win. Chair turns: 2; Team: Blake.

6. Adam Pearce – “Hot Blooded” (Age: 31; New Orleans, LA)
It’s always great to see a returning artist find success. Adam sings throwback rock songs which definitely attracts a large voting bloc. Whipping his hair back while belting out hairband classics could get be enough to get him to the live shows. I hope he takes Blake’s advice and sings “Wrecking Ball” though. Chair turns: 2; Team: Adam.

7. Emily Luther – “Summertime” (Age: 24; Woonsocket, RI)
The jazzy, pop flavors of Emily’s voice will make her a flexible artist for Adam to work with. I wasn’t blown away by her vocals, but there is enough there that Adam will likely find exciting. There’s no telling which direction he could take her. Chair turns: 3; Team: Adam.

8. Addison Agen – “Jolene” (Age: 16; Fort Wayne, IN)
As a young alternative-folk artist, Addison is a perfect match for Miley. What puts her a notch above many better vocalists in the competition is her ability to feel the music. She’s not a perfect singer, but this is a dark horse I think Miley will enjoy transforming. Chair turns: 2; Team: Miley.

9. Anthony Alexander – “Redbone” (Age: 17; Fontana, CA)
Anthony is young and charismatic but he isn’t the only one with those traits this season. It’s hard to go deep in this competition as a male vocalist who uses so much falsetto. He thrilled the coaches much more than he did me, so perhaps they will push to keep him around for a while. Chair turns: 3; Team: Adam.

10. Hannah Mrozak – “Starving” (Age: 18; Richfield, WI)
There is a purity and pop sensibility to Hannah that should be commended. But for as gifted as she is vocally, she lacks the “it” factor it takes to go all the way. She has the tools to make a run, but she needs to hone her stage presence and seek serious help with her song choices. Chair turns: 3; Team: Adam.

11. Sophia Bollman – “Invincible” (Age: 18; Norco, CA)
Sophia has a warm tone and I would say matches up closely with Hannah. Her impressive range drew attention from both Blake and Miley, but her voice is inconsistent. If she can clean things up and deliver a pitch perfect performance, watch out! Chair turns: 2; Team: Miley.

12. Shilo Gold – “Stay with Me Baby” (Age: 26; Denver, CO)
Shilo has a great raspy, rock tone. The problem is she lacks power and can’t control her pitch. Miley is a great fit for her, but I have no confidence Shilo can make it to the live shows. Chair turns: 2; Team: Miley.

13. Kathrina Feigh – “Big White Room” (Age: 24; Manila, Philippines)
Kathrina has a beautiful tone but made some confusing technical choices. She’s quite awkward on stage, but hopefully Jennifer can bring the most out of her. She’s a diamond in the rough, but the time to polish that jewel is limited. Chair turns: 2; Team: Jennifer.

14. Stephan Marcellus – “Take Me to Church” (Age: 26; Englewood, NJ)
Stephan totally botched the beginning of his audition by forgetting the lyrics. He then barely made up for it by hitting a few good notes. Jennifer totally threw him a bone out of sympathy, but he will have to prove himself moving forward. Chair Turns: 1; Team: Jennifer.

15. Samantha Rios – “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” (Age: 16; Arlington, VA)
Samantha had an adorable introduction clip so I was hopeful for her audition. She was comfortable working the stage, but her vocals were inconsistent. It’s unfortunate she couldn’t convince he coaches to turn for her because she could have grown exponentially as an artist throughout the season. Chair turns: 0.

16. Myles Frost – “My Cheire Amour” (Age: 17; Washington, D.C.)
This promising young artist is full of charisma and potential. Unfortunately he’s just not ready for the big time. His vocals were shaky throughout a song choice that didn’t do him any favors. You can’t sing a Stevie Wonder song at half mast. Chair turns: 0.

17. Jessica Rowboat – “Imagine” (Age: 28; New Dehli, India)
Her raspy, understated performance just wasn’t enough to impress the coaches. She has a nice voice, but simply lacked the passion and confidence it takes to succeed on this series. Chair turns: 0.

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