‘The Walking Dead’ death rankings: Who dies when Season 7 returns? [POLL]

The Walking Dead” had a blood soaked mid-season finale this past December, which presented viewers the double homicide of Spencer (Austin Nichols) and Olivia (Ann Mahoney) thanks to bad boy Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). It’s safe to say we should prepare to lose more beloved characters in the second half of Season 7. In order to help gauge whose head might be on the chopping block, here are Gold Derby’s “death rankings” for the second half of Season 7, which returns February 12 on AMC. Take a look at who is most likely to die and then vote in our poll below.

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1. Gregory
I am honestly shocked that Gregory (Xander Berkeley) has survived this long. The show is clearly foreshadowing some transfer of power at the Hilltop, with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) taking on more of a leadership role. If the people of the Hilltop elect Maggie as their new leader this season, there probably won’t be room to keep Gregory around. I imagine he will make one last attempt to hand his rival over to the Saviors, but it will probably end up getting himself killed instead.

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2. Heath
Since his introduction in Season 6, Heath (Corey Hawkins) has probably spent more time off camera than on. Last season, many of his absences were the result of an onset injury which forced the writers to send him on the world’s longest scavenging run with Tara (the pregnant Alanna Masterson). But Hawkins has been taking on several other projects including the film “Kong: Skull Island,” the lead role in Fox’s “24: Legacy,” and his Broadway debut in “Six Degrees of Separation” this spring. In order to accommodate these scheduling conflicts, Heath went missing earlier this season. With no major storyline of his own so far, it might be easier to kill off Heath, rather than come up with new reasons for him to leave the group.

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3. Sasha
While Rosita (Christian Serratos) has received an explosive and emotional character arc thanks to Abraham’s death, Big Red’s other lover Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) has mostly become a supporting player in Maggie’s storyline. Additionally, Martin-Green signed on to a new project, snagging the lead role in the upcoming CBS series “Star Trek: Discovery.” Will there be time to film both series? Sasha has taken on several aspects of Andrea in the comics (a character the TV series killed long ago), so there may still be hope for Sasha’s survival if she continues to fill that role. But, if a main character is going to die in the season finale (as is often the case), Sasha is a frontrunner.

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4. Eugene
After Rosita’s failed attempt to assassinate Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the psychotic leader took poor Eugene (Josh McDermitt) back to The Sanctuary as a prisoner. Negan could decide that he needs Eugene’s skill for making bullets, which would keep him alive. However, Negan will be furious that Daryl (Norman Reedus) managed to slip away. So he may kill Eugene as punishment once enough bullets have been made.

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5. Morgan
If the show followed the exact path of the comics, Morgan (Lennie James) would be dead already. Most characters on the show who outlive their comic counterparts are just sitting on borrowed time (look no further than Abraham). Morgan’s quest for peace has divided fans and it is easy to see the writers turning him into a sacrificial character. I can see him giving up his own life to save Carol (Melissa McBride), so that she can learn from his positive outlook and reunite with the Alexandrians.

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