‘The Walking Dead’ deaths: Will you miss Richard (Karl Makinen) on the show? [POLL]

The grim reaper made another visit to “The Walking Dead” Sunday night, as the Kingdom’s soldier Richard (Karl Makinen) was murdered by none other than Morgan (Lennie James). In “Bury Me Here,” Richard was willing to give up his own life to ensure that the Kingdom would join the battle against the Saviors, so he concocted a plan to short-change the Saviors of their melon offering. Unfortunately, his decision resulted in the death of young Benjamin (Logan Miller) instead, and when Morgan found out he took Richard’s life. Will you miss Richard on the show? After clicking through our photo gallery above of the 22 most shocking “The Walking Dead” deaths of all time, be sure to vote in our poll below.

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Richard made his first appearance earlier this season in “The Well” during a memorable pig hunt scene in which it was revealed the Kingdom forced the pigs to feast on walkers so their bellies were filled with rot for the Saviors. Richard then got in a fight — his first of many — with the Saviors at their food exchange, and the leader of the Saviors informed them that Richard would be the first to die if their quota was not met.

Most of Richard’s scenes were with King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Morgan, but he also had a pleasant one-on-one moment with Carol (Melissa McBride) where he tried to convince her in “Hearts Still Beating” that the Kingdom would have to start fighting back against the Saviors. However, Carol wanted nothing to do with it at the time.

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In the mid-season premiere “Rock in the Road,” Richard again tried to enact a plan to battle against the Saviors, this time speaking with Alexandria’s leader Rick (Andrew Lincoln). Rick was on his side, but they realized they didn’t have enough numbers so Rick left the Kingdom to try to make peace with other communities.

Richard met his match in “New Best Friends” with none other than Daryl (Norman Reedus). He devised a plan to kill Carol and blame it on the Saviors so that Ezekiel, who cared for her, would become enraged and want to fight them. But Daryl immediately shut the plan down. When Richard said that he would die for the Kingdom, Daryl calmly asked, “Why don’t you?”

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Now that we know how Richard’s tragic story ends on “The Walking Dead,” vote in our poll about whether you’ll miss the Kingdom’s soldier. Also sound off about “The Walking Dead” in the comments section below and in our fun TV forums.

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