‘The Walking Dead’ death watch: Who is most likely to die in Season 8? Morgan, Gregory, Gabriel …

We’re just four episodes into Season 8 of “The Walking Dead,” and we’ve already witnessed many grisly deaths. A loving boyfriend, a majestic tiger, and the majority of The Kingdom’s army have quickly become the latest the victims of the apocalypse. Given that AMC’s series is currently adapting the comic story arc known as “All Out War,” its safe to say that plenty more bodies are about to hit the floor. The mid-season finale is fast approaching on Sunday, December 10, but the following five characters may not make it that far.

Morgan – The last we saw of Morgan (Lennie James) he was marching away from the group after dueling Jesus (Tom Payne). This aikido master has been in rough shape since last season, and we continually glimpse the weakening of his mental state. Will time on his own cause him to fully revert to the gibberish spewing madman audiences saw in Season 3’s “Clear”? The TV version of Morgan has already outlived his comic counterpart, so death could be around the corner for this deteriorating warrior.

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Gregory – If you had told me a year ago that Gregory (Xander Berkeley) would still be alive and scheming this far into the zombie apocalypse, I would have said you were as crazy as Morgan. And yet here we are. Without question one of the most despised characters on the show, Gregory’s number has to be up soon. The series has telegraphed Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) ascent to leader of Hilltop for quite some time, and this weasel’s death will surely cement her position of power. The only real question is whether Gregory causes his own death through his own ineptitude, or if Maggie puts him down herself.

Gabriel – If only the good Father had just let Gregory be consumed by the undead! In the season premiere, Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) escapes a swarm of zombies only to come face to face with another horror: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The two men are trapped in a trailer surrounded by walkers, with no obvious escape route. I’m sure some grand deus ex machina will arrive to save the much discussed villain, but Gabriel is quite vulnerable. Negan will surely be furious about the attack on his base, and now a hostage has walked right into his hands. Killing Gabriel would send a brutal message to Rick.

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Jesus – As every episode airs, it becomes harder to side with Jesus’ aversion to killing. After several seasons of “kill or be killed” mentality from the main characters, and ample evidence that the Saviors get off on brutal acts of violence and murder, many viewers are scratching their heads at Jesus and his hostage strategy. So far, he’s feuded with Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Morgan over the issue, and was almost killed by a Savior he captured as prisoner. When a character’s views are at odds with the group, they generally aren’t long for this world.

Carol – It might be hard to believe that Carol (Melissa McBride) could ever be on the chopping block. After the death of her daughter, she became a ruthless survivor. She executed a mentally unstable young girl, single-handedly destroyed Terminus like a T-1000, and was instrumental in defeating the Wolves. But Carol’s penchant for killing has had a severe effect on her, as we saw last season when she exiled herself after begging for death. She seems to have her spark back for now, but can it last? And how long will the writers be able to shoehorn a character who is long deceased in the comics into the ongoing story?

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