‘The Walking Dead’ poll results: The helicopter is Negan’s secret weapon, say our readers

The appearance of a helicopter on “The Walking Dead” episode “The Big Scary U” had plenty of fans scratching their heads. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) spotted the aircraft flying overhead, and it has yet to be mentioned again. So what gives? The sight is quite uncommon in a zombie apocalypse, where survivors must scrape together the basic necessities.

Since the brief moment must have been inserted purposefully, we recently asked our readers who the helicopter belonged to. Respondents were divided on who they think is the owner, but they agree it probably spells trouble for Rick and the gang.

Most poll takers are of the opinion that none other than Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is behind the flying machine, with 24% of readers selecting The Saviors. This is likely owing to Simon’s (Steven Ogg) throwaway line about sending a “flyer” to wreck havoc on Hilltop Colony. Not only would this be a powerful weapon for The Saviors, but would also serve as a way to extract Negan and his lieutenants from the zombie infested Sanctuary.

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In a close second, 22% of readers claimed the helicopter belongs to The Commonwealth. This heavily militarized group only recently debuted as the latest villains in the comics. Introducing such a recent adversary would skip over a vast amount of potent story elements yet to be adapted for screen, but the series has a history of remixing events from the books.

Still, 16% of respondents have a hunch that the helicopter is carrying crossover characters from prequel series “Fear the Walking Dead.” It was recently revealed that Lennie James would be bringing his character Morgan to the sister show after finishing Season 8 of the main series. So while Madison (Kim Dickens) might not be jumping out of the helicopter to greet Alexandrians, it might provide Morgan a way to travel to Texas.

Rounding out the results: 14% of voters said the helicopter was a figment of Rick’s imagination, 13% are betting on a brand new villain created specifically for the show, and 11% didn’t agree with any of the presented options. Do you agree with our reader’s choice? View the full results below and keep voting to make your voice heard.

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