‘The Walking Dead’ junkyard gang: Are they friend or foe? [POLL]

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” introduced yet another community of survivors in last week’s episode. Led by a curious woman Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), the junkyard gang lives inside a massive maze of garbage piles. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) strikes up a deal with these strange people, but can they really be trusted? Vote in our poll below.

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Jadis and her clan appear at ease with Rick after he defeats the armored walker in their makeshift gladiator pit. Rick is anxious to win her favor in order to enlist her large community in the fight against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Jadis is seemingly content with the deal they make, as all she wants is more weapons and jars of food for her people. And as she tells the Alexandrians: “We take, we don’t bother.” The junkyard crew has resided amongst the trash heaps, mostly staying clear of interaction with outsiders. And considering they already took the supplies from the abandoned boat, they should have no reason to antagonize the Alexandrians.

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The seclusive nature of these garbage people make it difficult to gauge their true intentions. Taking a page out of George Miller’s “Mad Max” films, their mannerisms and language has devolved from civilized behavior to form a culture all their own. And yet “The Walking Dead” is only a few years into the apocalypse. If Jadis truly wishes to avoid “bothering” other communities, getting her people involved in a messy uprising would be an unappealing option.

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Once she sees firsthand how strong Negan and his Saviors are, in numbers and weaponry, will Jadis still be inclined to honor the agreement? She could even decide to align with The Saviors to eliminate Alexandria, who is upsetting the relative peace. Rick is taking a massive leap of faith by striking a bargain with such an insular group of survivors. He would be wise to put a contingency plan in place, should Jadis decide Negan would better prolong her way of life.

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